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Science and technology achieved incredibly high level and nowadays we can`t imagine world around us without modern conveniences - TV, cell phones, Internet and, of course, without automobiles. Automobiles became widespread in 20 century and continued to be the most common and favorite personal means of transportation. People use cars every day – when they get to the place of work of study and return home, when they need to buy some goods in supermarket at the far end of the city, when they have to take sick child to the doctor (or sick cat or dog to the veterinarian clinic) and so on. Autos help us to overcome distances every day, save our time for more interesting things then long walking. Due to the cars we become more independent from weather surprises and sometimes unpredictable changes in public transport timetables. In comparison with bus or fixed-run taxi possessing your own car creates comfort atmosphere of privacy – here everything is as you like – from the vehicle interior details till chosen music, and that wouldn`t be so good if you stood in chock-full passenger compartment listening loud “LoveFM” and saw dull faces of your companions.

Certainly, car ownership has both bright and dark sides. People pay for their comfort by money and nerves. Cars are not cheap and what about production of famous brands, its price can be really sky-high. If your income is low it`s better not to dream of being an owner of expensive foreign car. Surely one can buy a used car at reasonable price but nobody should be absolutely confident about absence of hidden defects. Besides costliness automobile eats up significant sums – for driver license, depreciation, insurance, maintenance and repair, fuel. And troubles with traffic cops sometimes happen too and need to be settled. So, to buy or not to buy is an individual choice. For many people automobile is something more than simple transport – if a model is enough expensive and fashionable it adds prestige to owner`s status. Luxurious cars remain attributes of prosperity and beautiful life. That is why young men often issue credit to be able to acquire Mitsubishi, AUDI, BMW and something like that.

It is known that car can tell much about its owner`s character, habits, lifestyle. One person prefers nobby foreign car , another will choose efficient and durable SUV – all depends on individual purposes. But in any case automobile often is not only piece of ironmongery for people but almost living creature, as favorite pet. And most auto-owners curiously animate their cars calling them funny petty names such as “Carzilla” ,”Bumblebee” and so on.

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