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Meeting spot for automobile fans worldwide

Imagine a world with no boundaries. Place for all people sharing passion for automobiles. A hub where every single visitor is welcome to share his ideas and make new acquaintances. Don’t be afraid to think big – and witness your dream come true.

Hello and welcome to our website – meeting spot for all automobile fans out there!

Let us introduce ourselves: John and Angelica. We are siblings working hard on our project – a website for car fans that would unite people from all over the globe. In this article we share our idea of international community that we aim to create.

Childhood dreams become reality – if you work hard enough

Ever since we were children, we knew that our lives will be tightly connected with cars. Our dad owned a workshop where he would spend over 12 hours day fixing his clients’ vehicles. A small yet prosperous business allowed him to make a decent living and save a fortune over years. But it wasn’t money that kept him working hard throughout his life – it was the love for his job that he generously shared with us.

We frequently visited the workshop. Actually it turned into second home, where we would do our homework, play and learn the craft. After our father retired he found his new interest in web development and suggested we create a resource for automobile fans. This is idea we started working on years ago.

Gradually we came to understand that opportunities are endless. Thanks to modern web technologies we can create website that would allow visitors to communicate, share and discuss wide variety of related topics.

So, what are we trying to accomplish?

Project that started as simple online catalogue grew into a complex project that involved creating a vast database on cars, an image gallery and a fully functional forum. Now all we need is you to contribute to project as active members!

What do we have to offer our visitors?

  • Comprehensive data on nearly every modern and retro automobile;
  • A gallery of high quality images gathered by our team and other participants;
  • Rapidly growing community. Find people that share your interests today!

It depends mostly on you, our guests, what this project will grow into.

A big ‘thank you!’ to give

We want to thank every single visitor for your support to our cause. It is your passion that keeps us running. Creating our website was a childhood dream come true, yet one that requires hard work. Seeing people discuss latest technology and classic solution is the spark that ignites our passion – keep the good work running! You’re awesome!

If you have any ideas as to how we can improve our website, please let us know.

Your stay is most welcome. Have fun exploring the world of modern automobile industry and sharing your ideas with the community!