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Acura Makes A Bet On Four Wheel Drive

Acura Makes A Bet On Four Wheel Drive

Japanese brand Acura tries again to reconsider their strategy development - this time the company decided to put the corner-wheel-drive cars. A similar strategy in his time began to follow a Subaru.

Four-wheel drive, which somehow is equipped with almost half cars Acura sold in the United States, will be offered as standard equipment for each model of the brand. "I think that is exactly what we must do. The introduction of a full drive is key for us. As a premium brand, we need something that would differentiate us from the competition," - said a top Manager of the company Koichi Fukuo.

Of course, all wheel drive offer for their cars and other companies. For example, all-wheel drive system supplied 58% of BMW cars sold in the US in September, and 90% of cars Audi.

The plan was developed by a new team of American Acura division, which was formed in February. In addition to AWD cars Acura will receive more powerful engines - however, what also has not been determined.

Subaru, which also decided to bet on full drive, now in its sixth year in a row records record car sales in the United States. Since the beginning of the current year the results of the brand increased by 20%. For comparison, selling Acura fell by 1%.

At the present time four-wheel drive is available on all Acura models, except ILX sedan, but is optional. Each model in the basic version is equipped with front-wheel drive. Subaru, on the contrary, offers all their models, only in four-wheel drive modification, in addition to the model BRZ.

The first system, all wheel drive new generation will get the TLX sedan, which was presented to the public in August. Next on four-wheel drive transfer flagship RLX.

The new plan is preceded by the appearance on the market of the next generation AWD Acura. On the other hand, the update of the names of the whole model range of the brand took three years, so the translation of the whole range on full drive can take years, says Automotive News Agency.

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