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Aston Martin Will Produce Serially Dbx Crossover

Aston Martin Will Produce Serially Dbx Crossover

The company Aston Martin is planning to 2019 to start production of its new crossover made a statement on the adjustment of the estimated composition of customers. Company representatives stated that the manufacturer's goal is to attract car is not only the traditional male audience, but the female half.

For this production model is planned a number of changes aimed at creating greater comfort. That according to the company, will empower women for the purchase of elite cars.

Base for a new crossover based on the platform of DBX. Probable costs to run the model in production will be about 300 million dollars.

Recall, the concept was shown at last year's exhibition in Switzerland. The crossover is equipped with motors and a large number of innovative technologies with extensive use of the latest electronics.

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