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Audi S1 In The Special Version Nardo Edition

Audi S1 In The Special Version Nardo Edition

Appeared information that the company "MTM" equipped with the Audi S1 special model Nardo Edition. The vehicle is available with 2-liter engine producing 450 HP, the Cost of a tuning hatchback will be 120 thousand euros.

There is information about what the company "MTM", specializing in tuning, turned the German hatchback the Audi S1 race car. The car has a 2-liter engine, 450 HP At the moment, the model is still under development. The company continues to optimize the vehicle, it already has a special model Nardo Edition.

Representatives of MTM report that the car is a rally car but can be driven on ordinary roads. The Audi S1 is equipped with a new braking system, bodykit, revised chassis. The car will go on sale after the tuning company will receive at least 10 orders. The price of the flagship will be 120 thousand euros. In "MTM" shared plans that intend to create even more modified version of the 2.5-liter engine and sequential gearbox.

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