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Audi Will Release Electric Sedan In Fashion Tesla S

Audi Will Release Electric Sedan In Fashion Tesla S

Audi, apparently, once again reverses the direction of the search for alternative energy sources. Demonstrating in Los Angeles conceptual A7 on fuel cells, the company's engineers began to talk about the release of a large sedan with an electric power plant.

This statement may cause some confusion, because earlier in Audi said that it does not intend to engage in open confrontation with the most famous manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors. But now, according to the publication Auto Express, Audi began work on a large sedan that can drive on a single charge of the battery is about 500 km

The publication refers to the application of the technical boss of Audi Ulrich Hackenberg, whose efforts, in particular, was resuscitated the project electrospray Audi R8 e-tron. According to him, the same technologies that have made possible further work on electric R8, will make possible the release of a fundamentally different model, which he hakenberg described as a family car.

It is argued that the novelty will receive the sedan, which, according to Audi, is best suited for implantation is not so much the motor, how many sets of batteries, which are supposed to be placed under the floor. What engine are you going to use the Audi engineers, not specified, but, for example, the publication of the Auto Evolution suggests that the potential novelty can get the same power unit that was installed on the Audi A7 h-tron, there are two electric motors with a total power 230 HP However, in this case, the engineers have to get rid of batteries, fuel cells, replacing them with traditional batteries.

According to Ulrich Hackenberg, a large electric car Audi can be born as early as 2017.

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