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Bentley Will Build Extreme Sport Coupe With Rear Wheel Drive

Bentley Will Build Extreme Sport Coupe With Rear Wheel Drive

Bentley is going to fill up the Continental family with a modification of the character even more extreme than those presented last year GT3-R. the Main difference of the new items should become a type of drive: for the first time in modern history Bentley coupe will get a rear-wheel drive.

The chance to be rear-wheel drive was and the current Bentley Continental GT3-R. As stated by Autocar chief engineer mark Rolf Frech, buyers expect from a sports car for something like that. But on a serious overhaul of the powertrain engineers at Bentley just ran out of time, so even the most severe Continental retained the all-wheel drive.

But now they seem to be not going to hurry. In addition to a new type of actuator is scheduled sports car will get boosted four-liter V8 (GT3-R he develops around 580 HP) and will experience a number of measures to reduce weight. Promised that the coupe gets better compared to the GT3-R is at least 200 kg. Half of them will be saved at the expense of depriving the fastest all-wheel drive system, and the second hundredweight future innovation will reset due to "unprecedented for the brand the use of lightweight materials" - so said Rolf Frech.

Unclear any possible price or the volume of production of the future sports car, but most likely, the party will be even more limited than the GT3-R - he was born just 300 copies. The price, under the assumption of the publication Autocar, will be over £ 300,000 (about 410 000 euros).

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