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Cadillac Plans To Engage In The Pursuit Porsche 911

Cadillac Plans To Engage In The Pursuit Porsche 911

In the management of the company Cadillac does not exclude, for example many other manufacturers, the possibility of building a sports car that would be considered a competitor to the Porsche 911. However, these plans are called long-term, in the nearest time the company will develop several traditional models and deal with the diesels.

That "Cadillacs" need their own diesel, edition of Car&Driver said the current head of the brand Johan di Nissen. According to him, it is the diesel engine is the fastest and most economical way to reduce emissions in the whole lineup. "Cadillac brand should be more global and less oriented to the U.S. market, and this diesel is mandatory. I think, we will present our diesel engine in 2019," said the head of the Cadillac.

If the company decides to create a sports car - a hypothetical competitor of the Porsche 911, it will represent the most likely around the same time. But bring on the market a few sedans, including the most compact and most luxurious that will be assigned to the new flagship of the brand, Cadillac is going in the next few years. In addition, the company plans to release two new crossover, which will occupy a position at a level above and the level below the current Cadillac SRX.

Moreover, Americans do not exclude the possibility of issuing a sports version of any of them, following the example of BMW, with its X5M. As stated by Johan di Nissen, the lineup "charged" Cadillac with the letter V should be substantially expanded, and the crossover may well be part of it.

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