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Citroen Will Build Another Premium Crossover

Citroen Will Build Another Premium Crossover

Company Citroen still dare to play in the segment of premium crossovers, releasing a competitor to the Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60. The French brand has one such model, but it is sold only in China, and the future new product is designed to European buyers.

According to the French press, the new crossover will be named Citroen DS 8WR and surpass their potential German competitors at least in size. It is expected to be larger than the Audi Q5 at least 100 mm To build the crossover is planned on a modular platform PSA Corporation, which is known, in particular, to a new generation Peugeot 308.

According to preliminary plans, the crossover will be the embodiment of the next round of development of hybrid technology PSA - the main part of the motor range DS 8WR will make it a hybrid power-plant, both diesel-electric and based on gasoline engines. At the same time in Citroen are going to release a version with a conventional internal combustion engine. According to rumors, the new crossover will debut and 8-band automatic transmission.

It is assumed that the crossover will be born by 2018. By the time the DS sub-brand can become independent, so new, most likely, will not get the names of Citroen.

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