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Ds Will Release A New Flagship In 2018

Ds Will Release A New Flagship In 2018

The concern Citroen intends to soon to start developing a new flagship. This was reported by representatives of the company. It is noted that it plans to release in 2018. The release of the new flagship of the company DS, which is a subsidiary of Citroen.

According to experts, the new flagship from DS will become the main competitor of the Audi A6 saloon. In the first place it will be sold in Europe. The date of its appearance in the United States no information. Representatives of the group also silent about the technical characteristics of the future flagship.

It is worth noting that the model will get the design elements 1955 DS. At the moment, ready concept La new flagship from subsidiaries Citroen. He was named Numero 9. The platform for the new vehicle business class will become Emp2.

About the cost of future flagship from DS has not reported. The date of its presentation in the Russian Federation is also not known. In the first place it will be sold in the markets of Europe.

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