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Honda Will Send In The Resignation Of The European Accord

Honda Will Send In The Resignation Of The European Accord

Honda is going to abandon the production of different versions of the family Accord to markets in the U.S. and Europe. Next year the so-called "European" version of the Accord will lose all the markets where it is sold at the present time.

Differences between the "Chords" for the Old and the New world much more than it seems at first glance: on both sides of the ocean family have not only the original exterior, but also its own platform, and individual motor range. In an interview with the Motor Report the head of the Australian division of Honda (on the Green continent also sold European Accord) Stephen Collins stated that such a practice, the manufacturer will refuse already in 2015.

Than will be replaced by the model, particularly in Europe, has not yet been clarified. It is not excluded that the Japanese company will leave this segment of the market of the Old world along with their colleagues from Toyota who plan to deprive Europe of the family Avensis. According to another version, the American version of the Accord will turn into a global model. Be that as it may, the production of Accord in its European-spec Honda intends to terminate in the first half of next year: for example, the issue of "Chords" for Australia to be completed in February.

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