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In Ford Started To Think About Developing Variator

In Ford Started To Think About Developing Variator

Ford currently offers both traditional automatic transmissions, and robotic boxes. However, the company plans to expand transmission line and a continuously variable unit, which, according to Ford, will help to save fuel.

The need for progressive transmission in the Ford experience since they began production of their famous turbo EcoBoost volume of 1 litre. The group currently does not have an automatic transmission, which could interact with a compact engine, and is forced to recruit his only manual transmission - for example, on the model of the Fiesta. Meanwhile, according to IHS Automotive, in the U.S. the share of cars with manual transmissions in the annual sales volume is only 5%.

Therefore, as stated by the head of the research Department Ford Raj Nair Agency Autimotive News, the group is going to get a new transmission, and as the main candidate is considered variable. According to Ford, the use of variable-speed drive will keep the fuel consumption of a small engine at a decent level.

However, representatives while Ford did not specify, whether the concern independent development of a new transmission, or would prefer to buy ready-made unit from third-party companies, such as German ZF.

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