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Lamborghini Aventador Turned Ugly In Weak Electric Car

Lamborghini Aventador Turned Ugly In Weak Electric Car

Passion some small Chinese automakers to borrowing in the well-known design. But the example of a company Lishededidong producing compact electric vehicles, perhaps, claim to be the most revealing.

A new model for the Chinese manufacturer, is equipped with a motor power 10 HP and 5 Nm, got the body design, distinctly styled Lamborghini Aventador. It is possible that the manufacturer in this way tried to give the car a status image, but the European press has already thoroughly go through this.

The machine is called "kitsch", "bad taste", "the most stupid combination of opposite ideas" and things like that. Some experts are particularly outraged by the fact that electromobility even equipped with some kind of exhaust system in full accordance with the style of a Lamborghini. It should be noted that the electric car is very pretentious name - Urban Supercar.

"City car" is able to travel on a single charge up to 150 km and to accelerate to an impressive 80 km/h apparently, its creators believe that the passengers at that speed needed fixing, so I supplied electric sports seats. If the length of 3.8 m Urban Supercar has 4 seats and sold in China at a price equivalent to us $ 8,000.

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