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Lotus Brand Will Have Its Own Crossover

Lotus Brand Will Have Its Own Crossover

British manufacturer of sports cars limited was unable to avoid the General craze: Lotus seriously thinking about building a crossover. However, the company plans to make it though high and four-wheel drive, but still fully responsive to the basic values of the brand.

In full accordance with the traditions laid down by founder Colin Chapman, the head of the brand is called upcoming "coupe" Lotus "the world's first lightweight crossover". CEO Jean-Marc Gilles said the publication Autocar that the new product will become the best selling model Lotus for more than 60-year history of the brand.

However, in Lotus rely mainly on the Chinese market: selling compact crossovers exceeded 3 million units. The main competitor of new products named the Porsche Macan, which is China's stunning popularity. But the crossover from Lotus, according to the creators, should become easier and faster, and also to provide the driver much more vivid the thrill of control. For example, through the use of high-strength steels, composites and aluminium future bestseller will be easier for competitors on average 200 kg. "Our car will go just beautifully. It will be comfortable and convenient, but the emphasis will be on handling," said Jean-Marc Gilles.

Question about motor scheme is still under discussion. However, most likely, surprises in Lotus't plan to. The main candidates on the hood of the new crossover called the 1.8-liter turbo and aspirated 3.5-liter V6, which is already used by the British in the model lineup. Thinking in Lotus and diesel, but it will appear at the crossover only if the market really needed this modification, and if partners are the British from Toyota can find a suitable powerplant.

Not exclude the appearance of crossover hybrid powerplant. Firstly, the way the Brits can implement a system full of drive.

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