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Lotus Evora At Risk Of Becoming A Crossover

Lotus Evora At Risk Of Becoming A Crossover

Even the British small-scale producers of sports cars, which were always in his mind and often ignored prevailing trends, can not stay away from fashion on the "uplifting" of the machine. Soon even refreshed sports car range-Lotus is to pretend to be a conqueror off-road.

However, the car that will join a family of Evora, hardly has the right to be called a crossover. According to the sources of the edition Car, when preparing a new version of engineers will increase ground clearance refreshed sports car range-and the designers will make it appearance more brutal. The car, like all existing modifications Evora will be rear-wheel - development of the system of a full drive in this situation would not be likely to pay for itself.

Quite possibly, the desire to produce "off-road" Evora is due to the upcoming facelift of the family, the results of which will be presented in March at the Geneva motor show. Under the hood of the updated machines will be more powerful engines, and the design refreshed sports car range-will undergo minor changes.

It is suggested that in Geneva the British officially will announce plans to create a "lifted" version, and serial machines to hit the market in 2016. Earlier it was reported that Lotus can produce and sedan - for those who would like to ride on the "Lotus" every day, but not ready to use for this car.

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