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Mercedes Benz G Class Will Retain Its Authenticity

Mercedes Benz G Class Will Retain Its Authenticity

Fans of classic SUVs can exhale. Update Mercedes-Benz G-class, which is waiting for the SUV in 2016, will not affect the style of the exterior is the famous "gelandewagen" will remain square-brutal.

The manufacturer acknowledged that the unique appearance of the G-class is its hallmark, which determines the popularity of the model in the same way as his running characteristics. Therefore, as stated by the Executive Director of Daimler Dieter Zetsche Agency Automotive News, "he must continue to look like now."

According to the Agency, Mercedes-Benz G-class will remain on the conveyor at least another eight years: a contract with Magna Steyr provides its release until 2022. However, in 2016, the model will survive in some restyling. Gamma power units of the SUV will be revised in the direction of greater efficiency, and its beauty should be larger. In addition, keeping the General style appearance, the manufacturer still expects to make a silhouette of the G-class dynamic by using a lower roofline.

The Agency clarifies that Mercedes-Benz G-class, despite the long history of the model, continues to gain popularity over the last five years the sales of gelandewagen has tripled. In addition, the most powerful modification of the G 65 AMG SUV today regarded as one of the most expensive models of Mercedes-Benz.

It is possible that the decision to keep gelandewagen its authentic appearance was due to the intention of the company Land Rover to stop producing its own famous Defender SUV. Thus, with the departure of the British representative of the "old school" value "gelandewagen" classic SUV will only increase.

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