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Porsche 911 Can Be A Hybrid

Porsche 911 Can Be A Hybrid

Porsche does not exclude that with the change of generations is one of the most famous sports cars in the world, Porsche 911, will get a hybrid powerplant. The final decision hasn't been made yet, but the special obstacles to this in Porsche't see it.

That at the moment around the future of the power plant of the new generation "nine hundred eleventh" are very lively discussions, edition Car Advice said the Executive Director of Porsche Matthias müller. In response to a direct question, turn Porsche 911 hybrid, he said, "Why not, it can be".

According to Muller, the final decision on this point is not accepted. At the same time, the leadership of the brand sees no reason to abandon the "hybridization" Porsche 911. "In the hybrid scheme has two advantages. First, it reduces harmful emissions. Secondly, the hybrid model can be quite sports - we have successfully proven this with the model of the 918 Spyder," said Muller.

On decision-making at Porsche have enough time - generational change will take place no earlier than 2018. Until that moment in Zuffenhausen going to release a hybrid modification of all of today's families, including the most affordable Boxster/Cayman. However, as they say in the management of the brand, planned for the near future premieres less technological innovations - affordable sports cars with four-cylinder engines. As expected, the smallest of the engines available for the Boxster and Cayman will receive a volume of 1.6 liters and power 210 HP

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