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Serial Kia Optima Will Be Even More Beautiful Your Concept

Serial Kia Optima Will Be Even More Beautiful Your Concept

Hinting at a new generation Optima with the concept Sportspace, Kia company began preparations for the April premiere serial sedan. Judging by the first official images, Kia decided to go beyond mere copying of the design.

However, according to some reports from a number of radical solutions stylists Kia still refuses. Hardly serial sedan will get the muscular wheel arches and seriously flooded the roof line, shown on the design sketch. However, that "person" serial Kia Optima will be much more expressive, little doubt.

There is no doubt in the fact that the sedan will grow in size - mainly in order to provide more living space for rear passengers. In addition, the way the Kia engineers create the groundwork for developing a wagon: concept Kia Sportspace almost openly stated that the Optima family in the future will replenish more utilitarian body. It is expected that serial wagon will appear in a year or two after the debut of the sedan new generation.

According to preliminary data, Optima will get the engine range of the four engines, one diesel, petrol and among there will be two turbo - displacement of 1.6 and 2.0 l will Appear in the sedan and hybrid modification. However, how exactly the engine range "Optima" will vary depending on the market, is not specified.

Debut serial Kia Optima new generation is scheduled for April 1. It will be held at the world auto show in new York.

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