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The Company Jaguar Decided To Play With Electricity

The Company Jaguar Decided To Play With Electricity

The eye of the photo spies caught a mysterious prototype from Jaguar. Some details of the design of the body suggests that the British manufacturer brought on tests either hybrid or fully electric version of the XE sedan that will be able to compete, for example, with the Tesla Model S.

Firstly, this idea of journalists led signboard E placed on the trunk lid: previously Jaguar models with this letter was not observed. In addition, the label on the windshield spies saw the abbreviation FEV, which often stands for the manufacturer as a Full Electic Vehicle is fully electric vehicles".

One of the assumptions, Jaguar decided to develop a kind of electric model, which could be well-known long-range competition electroceram from Tesla. Also according to rumors, Jaguar in thinking about the issue of electromedical crossover F-Pace that has a sedan XE common platform. So in sedan manufacturer can test the units including for the new crossover.

At the same time, it clarifies the issue of Auto Evolution, under the abbreviation may be understood large engineering firm FEV GmbH, which also participates in the development of hybrid power systems. According to the publication, this firm was already noticed in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.

Thus, it is possible that greeted the photographers is a prototype diesel-electric hybrid, the development of which in the Jaguar started to reduce the average amount of harmful emissions in the model lineup. In motor scheme Jaguar XE is, incidentally, quite economical and environmentally friendly diesel - with the volume of 2 liters and power of 163 HP he consumes an average of 3.8 liters of fuel per 100 km, So that the engine could be used by the British as the basis for the development of hybrid power plant.

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