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The Company Porsche Has Abandoned The Idea Of An 8 Cylinder Boxer Engines

The Company Porsche Has Abandoned The Idea Of An 8 Cylinder Boxer Engines

Engineers from Zuffenhausen was seriously thinking to provide iconic 911 8-cylinder version of its boxer motor. On balance, however, rejected the idea of increasing the volume in favor of turbocharging technology.

The preliminary stage of development the idea of equipping Porsche 911 8-cylinder "boxer" pass in time. But as said the publication Autocar, the head of the Department of motor VW Group Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the volume of such a motor would have reached five liters. And this is for the compact engine Bay of the Porsche 911 too.

Therefore, the maximum that we can expect future buyers of the car, this six-cylinder "boxer". And to improve its characteristics Porsche engineers are estimated using a turbo. It is, as noted by the representative of the brand, will give engineers more freedom in the development of new powertrains. In addition, Porsche is not going to abandon high-speed atmospheric engines.

New turbo engines may appear on the Porsche 911 with another facelift, which is scheduled for this year. Premiere of the new sports car will take place this fall at the Frankfurt motor show. A completely new generation Porsche 911 is scheduled to be submitted in 2018.

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