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The Crossover From Bmw Will Receive Extra Long Version

The Crossover From Bmw Will Receive Extra Long Version

Long-wheelbase versions will get future generations crossover X1, X3 and X5. Originally, the idea was considered only for China, but the leadership, again assessing market prospects of such models, decided to make extra long versions are available for all markets.

According to the publication autoevolution there, referring to its own sources, the first elongated modification will test the youngest representative of the X-family, BMW X1. The next generation of this model, which will commence production in 2015, will be based on front-wheel drive UKL1 platform (now this architecture is already used for a new compact MPV BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. The lengthening of the platforms allow you to do a seven-seat crossover. However, the third row is only for kids.

After long-wheelbase X1 and X3 will be and it will happen in 2017, again with the change of generations. Finally, in 2020 will suit all, and BMW X5. But the "compartment" crossovers X4 and X6, according to a source, is unlikely to get long-wheelbase version.

When this X-family will continue to grow not only due not only to new modifications, but also new models in 2017 will appear compact sibling, the BMW X6, called X2, which will be offered in three-door or five-door version. In addition, after 2017 will appear flagship X7 - Bavarian panoramablick will compete with the Mercedes-Benz GL. The company emphasized that it will be a completely new model, not an upscaled version of the X5.

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