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The Fate Of The Crossover Lamborghini Urus Was Called Into Question

The Fate Of The Crossover Lamborghini Urus Was Called Into Question

Conceptual crossover Lamborghini Urus had to go into series production in 2017. However, according to recent reports, the launch was called into question, and to take any final decision guide is in no hurry, for fear of a sharp deterioration of the economic situation.

According to the publication Autocar, citing its own sources in the company, management of the Lamborghini and the VAG group is concerned about a number of factors that in the near future can destabilize the global economy, and the Urus crossover risks becoming an unprofitable project. Among dangerous to economic factors, in particular the tense situation in the middle East. "We are convinced that with the model of the Urus will be able to significantly increase global sales, however, this requires a stable and reliable economic conditions," said a source.

The Urus concept was shown two years ago as a potential serial premiere 2018 model year. Italian novelty is built on a new architecture MLB that VAG is preparing for future crossover manufactured by the German group. It is expected that this platform will debut together with the second generation Audi Q7 in 2015, a year later will be released and the crossover from Bentley in "cart". Still not officially announced which the motor has prepared for crossover, however, due to increasingly stringent emission standards and emission standards of the Italian automaker, apparently, will be forced to abandon large naturally-aspirated V10 and V12 in favor of a turbocharged V8. In all likelihood, we are talking about 4.0 l the unit, which currently can be found under the hoods of some models of Audi. In the current modification of this engine develops up to 560 horsepower (for example, in the case of the Audi RS7).

According to preliminary information, in the event of its publication in the series Urus will get a price tag that is comparable with the cost of the available models - luxury Huracan. However, in this case, the Urus will cost no less than € 200,000.

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