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The New Audi Q3 Will Receive A 3 Cylinder Engine

The New Audi Q3 Will Receive A 3 Cylinder Engine

Became known some details about the new generation of the Audi Q3 crossover, which should appear at the end of 2018. The crossover will be a little more, but may lose in power. On the other hand, Audi is planning not one, but two "charged" version.

In full accordance with the modern trends in VW Audi Q3 crossover new generation will be built on a modular platform MQB. However, according to the publication Autobild, he will become the first such model: in 2015, the same platform will get a new VW Tiguan, and a year later the first full crossover brand Seat.

In turn, it is expected that the Audi Q3 will grow in size to facilitate marketers Audi its distancing from the forthcoming CD Audi Q1. However, growth is unlikely to be significant: according to rumors, the novelty will receive a slightly larger trunk and slightly increased wheelbase.

While the intention of the engineers of Audi to the economy can lead to the fact that the crossover will begin to complete a modest three-cylinder engine with a volume of 1 l At the expense of the turbo will be able to develop 110 HP, but currently the weakest engine, available Audi Q3, provides the crossover 150 HP May, to some extent, the lower power base modifications will be offset by the emergence of two versions with index RS - petrol and diesel. the 2.5-liter turbo engine will provide crossover, according to preliminary data, about 400 HP, and the version of the RS Q3 TDI will get from 260 to 280 HP Most likely, we are talking about seriously upgraded two-liter unit on "heavy fuel".

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