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The New Flagship Of The Jeep Will Be A Competitor To The Range Rover

The New Flagship Of The Jeep Will Be A Competitor To The Range Rover

Jeep persists in his intention to produce a model that would stand a notch above the current largest SUV - Grand Cherokee. Full-size SUV should appear Jeep in 2018 and will be a major application for the premium segment.

Guide brand sure that the largest Jeep, which will be called the Grand Wagoneer will be able to recapture the part of buyers from the most popular premium SUV, and first of all the Range Rover. Chapter Jeep Michael Manley said the publication Autocar, he did not doubt the merits of the future model and is confident in its competitiveness.

At the same time, he said, do not be alarmed internal competition with the Maserati Levante is another premium SUV, which plans to release the Alliance of Fiat-Chrysler. Despite the fact that the platform for future innovations overlap, they will be focused on completely different buyers, and the choice of range Rover as the main competitor helps guide Jeep precisely to position its new flagship.

It is also noted that the new SUV from Jeep will get three rows of seats. Earlier it was reported that the Jeep Grand Wagoneer will be the most luxurious model in the entire history of the brand.

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