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The Production Of Electric Vehicles Bollore Bluesummer From Psa Will Be Launched In September

The Production Of Electric Vehicles Bollore Bluesummer From Psa Will Be Launched In September

The French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen announced the start of production of electric Bollore Bluesummer, which starts in September of the current year. It is reported that the first conveyor will come down to 3.5 thousand copies.

Model Bollore Bluesummer equip powerful in its way motor with 50 kW. Also the electric car will receive a battery of 30 kWh . It is noted that charging it once, it will be possible to drive about 200 miles to go. Should also pay attention to the speed of the machine: the future owner Bollore Bluesummer can "squeeze out" from the car to 120 km/h.

Throughout its history the company has managed to produce a number of successful models of electric cars. In including the world famous hatchbacks BlueUtility and Bluecar, public transport BlueBus and Bluetram, as well as boat Blueboat.

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