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The Renault Appears Pickup

The Renault Appears Pickup

Renault is going to try his hand in a very utilitarian segment: according to some, the engineers of the French brand are already working on a full pickup truck, which can carry at least a ton of cargo and will become a competitor of such models as the Toyota Hilux.

Beginning work on the first in the history of Renault's truck was confirmed by the publication Car Advice the head of Renault's operations in the Asia-Pacific region Gilles Norman. According to him, the new product will be based on one of the existing models of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. To clarify the situation, the representative of Renault refused, but, under some assumptions, we are talking about the new generation Nissan Navara.

To create pickup the French will take at least two years. Most likely, all this time will be spent to achieve the maximum distance of the French model from the popular Nissan pickup. As stated Gilles Norman, despite the use of a common platform, the two models will differ markedly from each other and first and foremost, by their style.

It is expected that the pickup Renault borrow the Nissan Navara and motor range. In this case, it will be equipped with upgraded engine displacement 2.5 l, gasoline and diesel. In the case of Navara last develops to 188 HP and 450 Nm of torque.

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