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Updated Hyundai Elantra Sedan 2016

Updated Hyundai Elantra Sedan 2016

Hyundai is planning later this month to start selling in the U.S. model of its new sedan Elantra. A little later, the new car will be presented in the EU.

The model 2016 consists of four versions of the set: Limited, Value Edition, SE and Sport. The car is equipped with a V4 engine capacity of 1.8 liters and output of 145 HP For a more "charged" versions of the proposed engine capacity of 2 liters and output of 173 HP Gearbox or six-speed manual or "automatic".

Depending on the configuration of the vehicles are equipped with various additional options, like Keyless ignition, modern climate control, media center.

Prices for the sedan start from 17 thousand dollars for the basic version, up to 21 thousand 700 dollars for a "top" option Value Edition.

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