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Volvo Began Exporting Chinese Cars Build In The Usa

Volvo Began Exporting Chinese Cars Build In The Usa

The automotive market in the US has received a new model S60 Inscription from Volvo. Vehicle manufactured in the Chinese venture of the Swedish automaker and was first produced in China model authorized for sale in the USA.

In the Chinese market, this model is sold for 2 years under the name Volvo S60L. The car is equipped with petrol turbo engine V5 with a volume of 2 liters and output of 180, or 213 HP Transmission presents a six-speed automatic transmission.

It is known that Inscription in adapted for the American market version has been extended by 80 mm. the Exact price is still unknown, a similar car sold in the U.S. in the area of 34 thousand dollars.

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