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In 1886 bicycle company Adler Fahradwerke AG rather known for those times was based. Practically at once for the purpose of increase in profit additional production of typewriters was organised. Soon the company changed the name and began to be called as Adler Werke. Already 1900, having given in to new trends, the enterprise organised high-grade release of cars, and in two years the motorcycle history of the Adler company began.

The first attempts of production of motorcycle equipment appeared unsuccessful. At first models of the company were equipped with engines of the French firm De Dion, and there was also own development one-cylinder and two-cylinder motors of the V-twin type a bit later. In 1907 the company management decided that the sales level does not pay back costs of production of motorcycles. As a result, this production was curtailed for the whole 40 years! At the end the 40th years of the XX century the owner of the company of that time began to come back even more often to thought on motorcycles. And in 1950 the car of absolutely new design descended from the conveyor. Exactly the Adler brand so revived.

This model received formal designation M100, and it was developed by personally chief engineer of the company - Hermann Friedrich. Technically the motorcycle appeared happy simple, had an one-cylinder two-stroke engine in volume in 98 cubic centimetres. The maximum speed of a bike also was small - it made 71 kilometres per hour. But at high level there was a comfort and convenience of driving. But it it appeared quite enough. Post-war Germany had no time for a special delicacy. The motorcycle was bought up very well.

In a year release of the new models which have continued a ruler began. The M125 car created on similarity M100 and with the same frame, but already with more powerful power plant became the first of them. The engine in volume in 123 cubic centimetres allowed a bike to reach speeds of 89 kilometres per hour.

The M150 model with the one-cylinder 147 cm engine had a bit different configuration. It was similar to it and the M200 model, but it was equipped with already two-cylinder engine. Similarity to earlier cars of a series was given by an identical four-speed transmission, and also similar type of a suspension bracket and a forward fork. The size of wheels (16 inches) was identical also. Considering that the economy of Germany had hard time, it was necessary to save on much. In particular, for production of these models a large number of a tin was used. Besides, these motorcycles informally are considered as prototypes of some models of such famous brands, as Ariel and Yamaha.

1952 became the most successful for the company. The model range of Adler replenished with the M250 car recognised as the best motorcycle of brand for all history of its existence. Volumes of orders and sales surpassed all possible expectations. A little unusual transmission applied, by the way, practically in all new motorcycles of Adler became an interesting detail. The coupling regulating turns of the engine was other technical feature, and it fastened directly on a cranked shaft.

The same year left a little small-displacement (98 and 123 cubic centimetres) models. They were unique, first of all, in the way of an arrangement of the engine which fastened on the right side from a frame, and coupling with a transmission on the left side settled down. Between them the chain wheel was established. For all history of the motor-industry it is difficult to remember something similar.

Besides the most widespread line of M, the company developed some more series of motorcycles, but they were much less known. Among them it is possible to note very quite good NB201 car with the two-stroke one-cylinder engine in volume in 199 cubic centimetres. On a motorcycle the back plunzherny suspension bracket was established.

Motorcycles of Adler and participated in sports meets. By the way, exactly there they also achieved impressing results on ISDT trial races, 24-hour competitions, and also several difficult rallies. Looking at these successes, the company management created advanced model on the basis of a series M motorcycle - MB250S. This bike brought to development of Adler new successes.

But not so the holiday was long. By the end of the 50th years, without having worked it is high-grade even ten years, the company was compelled to be closed. To it led a number of the reasons. And Adler firm acquisition by the industrial giant of Grundig became result. The same year Adler motorcycles officially ceased to be issued. However them still for a long time remembered. So, for example, in 1960 very unexpectedly for ordinary motor-fans the Adler Special model was finished and improved.

Adler 12n 3g Adler 12n 3g
Adler 2 5 Liter Adler 2 5 Liter
Adler 3 Gd Kubelwagen Adler 3 Gd Kubelwagen
Adler 3gd Kfz12 Adler 3gd Kfz12
Adler Diplomat 3g Adler Diplomat 3g
Adler Junior Adler Junior
Adler Junior 2dr Adler Junior 2dr
Adler Junior Mr 100 Adler Junior Mr 100
Adler M 100 Adler M 100
Adler Primus Adler Primus
Adler Standard 6 Adler Standard 6
Adler Standard 8 Adler Standard 8
Adler Super Trumpf Rennlimousine Adler Super Trumpf Rennlimousine
Adler Trumpf Adler Trumpf
Adler Trumpf 17 Av Adler Trumpf 17 Av
Adler Trumpf 2 0 Liter Adler Trumpf 2 0 Liter
Adler Trumpf Av Adler Trumpf Av
Adler Trumpf Junior Adler Trumpf Junior
Adler Trumpf Junior Cabriolet Adler Trumpf Junior Cabriolet
Adler Trumpf Junior Sport Adler Trumpf Junior Sport
Adler Trumph Junior Cab Adler Trumph Junior Cab
Adler Typ K Adler Typ K
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