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The company «New joint-stock company of cars Amilcar» was based by the engineers Lyami and Akar which surnames entitled Amilcar by shift of letters – anagrammes. The first plant of firm settled down in Saint-Denis – the suburb of Paris. At the same time with this company the Salmson firm which became the most active competitor of the automotive company Amilcar was created also. In this competitive fight the best sports cars of that time also were created.

The first let out the SO easy sports car in 1922. The model was equipped with the 4-cylinder engine in working volume in 0,9 lira. Development of this motor belonged to engineer Edmond Moya. Over time the model range extended the CS models and S-4. The Amilcar CS car was equipped with the engine in working volume in 0,985 litres, and S-4 – the engine in volume in 1 litre.

In 1924 the company let out the best-known car – Amilcar CGS Grand Sport. The sports car with an open body was equipped with the engine with lateral valves in working volume in 1,1 litre, and also brakes on all wheels. In 1926 this model was modified in CGSS Grand Sport which on popularity overtook the previous car. The Grand Sport models brought the Amilcar companies popularity and in sports competitions of the 1920th years.

The Amilcar-CGSS car was equipped with the 4-cylinder engine with lateral valves, diameter of the cylinder of 60 mm and a piston stroke of 95 mm. The working volume of the motor made nearly 1,1 litres. Engine capacity of this model did not exceed 30 horsepowers. The transmission of the car was mechanical the 3rd step. The model collected on a lonzheronny frame, also was equipped with a forward not cutting suspension bracket on semi-elliptic springs and an integral beam on a quarter elliptic springs behind. This sports double car could gather speed to 115 kilometres per hour. At the same time production of Amilcar E and Amilcar cars L equipped with 4-cylinder engines in volume in 1,6 and 1,2 litres respectively was begun. But in comparison with the sports Amilcar models they were imperfect.

The French sports cars became popular and the abroad. In 1925 the licence for production of these cars was bought by the Italian firm Compagnia Generale Auto-mobili and began release of Amilcar Italiana cars. Generally it were 6CV and 7CV Grand Sport cabriolets created as similarity on cars of the French series CC. Amilcar Italiana GS and S-4 which were equipped with 4-cylinder engines over time began to be issued.

In 1927 the Italian licence for production of Amilcar cars was bought up by the Societa Industriale Lombardo Veneta company which let out one more sports Amilcar 7CV Grand Sport model which is completely corresponding to the French CGSS models. But it was the last Amilcar car which has been let out in Italy.

Gradually the Amilcar company passed to production of more expensive and powerful cars, having refused easy and simple cars. So the CG model has the development. Cars with indexes S-6 and S-8 became new updating. The Amilcar S-6 car was equipped with the 6-cylinder engine which capacity made 103 horsepowers are there was a powerful sports car. The Amilcar S-8 model was let out in 1930 with the 8-cylinder engine in working volume in 1,2 litres, but subsequently volume increased practically to 2 litres.

Throughout a series of racing cars the company from 1928 to 1935 let out the Amilcar-m model. During this time the engine of the sports car changed – its volume at first made 1,25 litres, and then was increased to 1,7 litres.

As well as many other companies, Amilcar firm in 1929-1930 it appeared in the conditions of the deep economic crisis which has captured the whole world. As the company was engaged in release of expensive cars, it appeared on the verge of ruin. On purpose to overcome the arisen problems the company started in production the cheap easy Amilcar-5CV car.

When all problems were solved, the firm started again release of expensive cars. So in the mid-thirties of the XX century there were Amilcar G-36 and Amilcar Pegase models. The Amilcar G-36 car was equipped with the 4-cylinder engine in working volume in 2,5 litres. In turn, Amilcar Pegase was equipped with the Delahaye-134 motor in volume in 2,15 litres. But these models could not win popularity.

Popularity recession, and also led productions to that in 1937 the company was compelled to be a part of large automotive corporation of France of Hotchkiss. As a result production of Amilcar cars moved to the French small town of Boulogne-sur-Saint.

After merge Amilcar cars were issued only two years, and the automobile Amilcar Compound model became the last from the let-out cars. It was rather perfect the then: equipped with a forward drive, the aluminium chassis (the author of development – engineer Gregoire), the car had all prospects to become one of the best, but became the last copy of cars under the Amilcar brand.

Amilcar C8 Amilcar C8
Amilcar Cc Amilcar Cc
Amilcar Cgs Amilcar Cgs
Amilcar Cgss Amilcar Cgss
Amilcar Cgss Kompressor Amilcar Cgss Kompressor
Amilcar Compound Amilcar Compound
Amilcar Compound Break De Chasse Amilcar Compound Break De Chasse
Amilcar Compound Cabriolet Amilcar Compound Cabriolet
Amilcar Pegase Grand Prix Roadster Amilcar Pegase Grand Prix Roadster
Amilcar Riley Amilcar Riley
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