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After the First World War termination need for production of military equipment temporarily disappeared. The largest military of the enterprise were compelled to change the direction of the activity not to stop the existence. The motor industry became one of attractive branches. Exactly so the Automobile society Ansaldo on the basis of one of the largest industrial enterprises of military branch of Italy was formed.

Existence of big capacities and well developed technical base gave decent signal to start for release of high-quality cars. The chief engineer of plant of Gido Sory became the initiator of production of cars at the Italian military enterprise. Such idea visited it in 1914 what he repeatedly declared to the director of concern Pio Perrone.

The first Ansaldo 4А car was created in August, 1919 at plant in Sempyerdaren. To measures of that time it there was the classical car intended for middle class. The car with the 4-cylinder engine with the top camshaft was equipped. The working volume of the motor made 1,8 litres, its capacity reached 35 horsepowers, and the weight of the chassis did not exceed 650 kg.

In March, 1920 this model went on sale, and in September production transferred to Turin where the aircraft factory of the company settled down. At that time there were considerable changes of the management of corporation. The main shareholder of the Banco di Sconto company was ruined, but nevertheless the enterprise managed to carry out restructuring and, despite all peripetias, to continue production of cars.

On March 7, 1923 complete reorganisation of the company which as a result received the name Joint-stock company of Ansaldo cars ended. The former chief engineer of plant of Gido Sory became the director of again formed company, and the president appointed Giuseppe Mazzini.

At the same time there was also a modernisation of the first car. The new model began to be issued under Ansaldo 4С index. Production continued to develop, and shortly the model range extended the Ansaldo 6С car equipped with the 6-cylinder engine in working volume in 2 litres. Both models, besides, had more expensive and comfortable updatings which differed in bigger capacity are there were Ansaldo 4CS and 6CS cars.

Ansaldo 4CS was equipped with the ryadny 4-cylinder engine with the top camshaft, with diameter of the cylinder in 72,5 mm and a piston stroke in 120 mm, working volume about 2 litres. The capacity of this car made 48 horsepowers. The transmission of Ansaldo 4CS was mechanical 3-step. The car gathered on a lonzheronny frame with drum-type brakes on back wheels. The maximum speed of a car reached 110 kilometres per hour. In a standard complete set the body of the compartment type was 4-seater, but generally it was custom-made the buyer.

As a result of the Great Depression as called a world economic crisis of 1930, many companies were compelled to stop the existence, without having found an exit from the created situation. But the Joint-stock company of Ansaldo cars was limited to fast modernisation of being made cars.

Attempt of release of the simplest car which has received the name Tipo 10 was carried out. But because of a primitive forward suspension bracket of a car did not become competitive even in relation to FIAT 503 and FIAT 509 cars. The advanced Tipo 14 models with batareyny ignition and Tipo 15 with the chiseled cylinders of the engine could not win popularity among public even with increase in engine capacity to 40 horsepowers. Therefore the company preferred to return to production of big cars.

The Tipo 18 and Tipo 22 cars, equipped to 6 and 8-cylinder engines respectively became the following models which have been let out by Ansaldo concern. It were the modern cars which have been let out according to all development and requirements of that time. But also they did not find popularity as overcoming of an economic crisis occupied practically all population.

In 1932 the Joint-stock company of Ansaldo cars was sold to the Italian OHM automotive corporation. As a result the Ansaldo company became base for creation of other firm – CAVA assembly of the remained chassis from Ansaldo became which beginning of activity. So 400 last chassis of this outstanding automotive company were sold.

Ansaldo 4c Ansaldo 4c
Ansaldo Fiat Cv33 Ansaldo Fiat Cv33
Ansaldo Fossati Tca 70 Ansaldo Fossati Tca 70
Ansaldo Spa Ab 41 Ansaldo Spa Ab 41
Ansaldo Tipo 18 Ansaldo Tipo 18
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