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Aprilia company was based in the mid-forties by large Venetian industrialist Alberto Bedzhio. Initially the enterprise was small factory on production of bicycles, and also completing details to them. However everything changed the end of the 60th which was marked by Bedzhio's desire to make the business family.

Since 1968 Alberto's company was made by his son – Ivan Bedzhio. Joint activity of members of the family began with work on small 50-cc mopeds. And already two years later production left on really serious level: the motorcycle models "Colibri", "Scarabeo", and also «Daniela» were presented to the public. The special success of the company brought an off-road motorcycle of "Scarabeo" which the late was several times modified.

In 1975 debuted the first racing development of the company – Aprilia RC and Aprilia MX 125 motorcycles. Practically at once road versions of these vehicles – so-called copies which actively were on sale and used huge demand were presented to public attention also. In 1977 the first victories in racing competitions came also. The championship of Italy in classes 125 and 250 of cubic centimetres was won by racers of the Aprilia team.

Especially warm memoirs remained with representatives of the company about outstanding racer Ivan Alborgetti who possesses mass of records and victories. Alborgetti became the Italian athlete first in the history who has entered into number of six best racers of the general offset of the World Cup. Together with successes in a sports field successes production came also. So for the first ten years of existence of the company level of annual production increased almost in 100 times that accurately testified to aspiration of a firm management to take the advanced positions in the world in the market of motorcycle production.

The beginning of the 80th stood out simply stunning for the company. In 1982 the 125-cc motorcycle of Aprilia 125 ST which at once has won popularity was presented. However more active works were conducted in the field of studying of new technologies. Engineers of Aprilia concern with ease mastered production 50-, 350-, and also 600-cc motorcycles, capable to compete with bisons of world motor-production. And these diligence were rewarded. In 1985 of the company it was possible to debut in the World Cup in highway and ring races possibility of participation in which finally brought to Aprilia concern more than 10 champion titles and, certainly, increased demand for company production.

The next decade was marked by the beginning of work on production of new scooters with the variator machine gun established on them. The Aprilia Amico and Aprilia SR 50 models caused an agiotage round themselves, but to surprise with them the world of the company it was not possible. In this regard the management of "Aprilia" made the decision to present to the world in 1993 the Scarabeo scooter which has become the most sold scooter around the world. Aprilia Pegaso appeared the most popular motorcycle of the 90th class "enduro" in Europe, and the sports bike of Aprilia RS 250 at all struck the world in the capacity. By the end of the 90th also debuted the models Aprilia Leonardo, Aprilia Sonic (Amico prototype), and also Aprilia Gavana the engine for which was made at own plant. Construction of this unique plant, by the way, ended only in 1998.

The same the 90th were marked also by close cooperation with automotive concern "BMW". Within implementation of partner activity Italians were engaged in assembly of motorcycles of BMW F650. Well and new century became same improbable for the Aprilia company, as well as the termination previous. In 2000 by concern were acquired known in the territory of Europe of Laverda and MotoGuzzi firm, well and a successful mass production of a two-stroke engine «Ditech» which is carried out on the licences "Orbital", became the real achievement of the company which practically let out at once the first scooter with this motor – Aprilia SR 50.

«Aprilia» – really legendary company which takes today the second place in the world on volume of production and sales of serial motorcycles and scooters (more than 300 000 copies in a year). And the successes reached on sports meets, do this production even more popular and demanded.

Aprilia 125 Classic Aprilia 125 Classic
Aprilia Area 51 Aprilia Area 51
Aprilia Et 125 Aprilia Et 125
Aprilia Etv 1000 Caponord Aprilia Etv 1000 Caponord
Aprilia Habana Aprilia Habana
Aprilia Habana 125 Aprilia Habana 125
Aprilia Habana Custom Aprilia Habana Custom
Aprilia Leonardo Aprilia Leonardo
Aprilia Mojito Aprilia Mojito
Aprilia Moto Aprilia Moto
Aprilia Pegaso Aprilia Pegaso
Aprilia Pegaso 650 Aprilia Pegaso 650
Aprilia Rally 50 Aprilia Rally 50
Aprilia Rs 50 Aprilia Rs 50
Aprilia Rs125 Aprilia Rs125
Aprilia Rst1000 Futura Aprilia Rst1000 Futura
Aprilia Rsv 1000 Aprilia Rsv 1000
Aprilia Rsv 1000 R Aprilia Rsv 1000 R
Aprilia Rsv 4 Aprilia Rsv 4
Aprilia Rsv Mille Aprilia Rsv Mille
Aprilia Rsv Mille R Aprilia Rsv Mille R
Aprilia Scarabeo Aprilia Scarabeo
Aprilia Scarabeo 250 Gt Aprilia Scarabeo 250 Gt
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 Aprilia Scarabeo 50
Aprilia Shiver 750 Aprilia Shiver 750
Aprilia Sl 1000 Falco Aprilia Sl 1000 Falco
Aprilia Sportcity Aprilia Sportcity
Aprilia Sportcity Cube Aprilia Sportcity Cube
Aprilia Sr Aprilia Sr
Aprilia Sr 50 Aprilia Sr 50
Aprilia Sxv Aprilia Sxv
Aprilia Sxv 550 Aprilia Sxv 550
Aprilia Tuareg Rally 125 Aprilia Tuareg Rally 125
Aprilia Tuono Aprilia Tuono
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Aprilia Tuono 1000 R
Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory
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