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Armstrong Equipment company based in 1978 in the city of Humberside (England) Garri Kuperom, at first specialised on production of automobile suspension brackets and other similar equipment. However two years later from the date of the basis the company management made the decision to expand production by expansion of the range of let-out production. Among the other there was a new motorcycle Armstrong brand.

But from scratch it was quite difficult to begin such industry. Active search of the companies on the basis of which development it was possible to begin the production began. It was paid attention to Triumph company plant in Meriden. Those years Triumph endured terrible crisis and it was ready to be closed. However the transaction, despite it, did not take place. The Cotton company which was actively engaged those years in self-elimination became an exit. At Cotton some relations, in particular, with the Bolton and Rotax companies were already established. Besides, in a stage of development there was a project of a racing motorcycle.

The racing program was continued. Barry Heart who is not so known, but the good expert in this area, was appointed the chief engineer. In a year the 250-cc racing model with a two-stroke engine was licked into shape and put into mass production. Rather big money allocated for this Armstrong Equipment, was not gone in vain. In 1982 Steve Tonkin won the races Junior TT passing on the Isle of Man, and also won a rank of the champion of Great Britain. It was the doubtless success, above decided that motorcycle production of justifies, in this connection, development was continued.

Now the look was turned on road models. In quite short terms some models with engines of a various cubic capacity - 250, 350, 500 and 750 cubic centimetres were designed. They went on sale at once. Demand for them was not great, but is quite sufficient just over to pay expenses.

Soon Heart lighted up idea of absolutely new model with the two-cylinder 350-cc engine. On its idea, cylinders in the car are located linearly, but the case should be divided horizontally. Pistons were similar to that were used in 250-cc model, but the firm chromic covering, and height had them made 64 millimetres. The electronic system of ignition of Motoplat submitting great expectations was established, Mikuni carburettors in the size 34 millimetres of the powerful racing car were used. But here with capacity there was a small hitch. On tests it made 86 horsepowers. An excellent indicator, but other figure was registered in documentation of year prescription Ц 90 horsepowers. However, despite it, the car which has received the name CM 36, continued to remain the main applicant for a champion's title in a class of 350 cubic centimetres in many competitions. So argued both developers, and experts.

But suddenly the crushing, irreparable blow was struck to champion ambitions of the company, and also its team from the international federation of motorcycle sport. All competitions in a class of 350 cubic centimetres were stopped. Such turn of events turned the model which is fairly applying for numerous world records, into one of many, let and very good, a motorcycle in the world market of motor-equipment. And not especially bought up, after all so good characteristics are not always necessary to ordinary buyers, and the price had an effect.

It was the present tragedy for the company. Already in time a few to become outdated the 250-cc model did not show outstanding results. It was necessary to undertake something. So in 1984 there was a new model with the engine in 250 cubic centimetres. First of all, it was distinguished by a two-spar carbon fibre frame. To it designated quite good prospects. The excellent team consisting of Nayall Mackenzie, Tony Hed and Ches Mortimer was created. The model created first of all for races of a series of the Grand Prix, really began to show excellent results.

Barry Heart did not want to stop on it. He was full of ideas. Less than in a year it presented to the public the new engine with volume of three cylinders in 500 cubic centimetres which showed magnificent capacity in 120 horsepowers, developing 11000 revolutions per minute. On this bike the 6-step transmission was established. Was and some more technical features, allowing to hope for success of the project.

But everything passed not so. Tests were ruined, and Barry Heart, the chief engineer and the ideological inspirer, left the company. Without it affairs went much worse. Till 1987 the company was engaged in creation of motorcycles enduro. Did not avoid also motocrossy, and also trialny models, but something was still necessary new.

The order of the English Ministry of Defence for delivery of motorcycles in armed forces of Great Britain could become such exit. The tender won, however, by other company Ц Bombardier was declared. Loss of the tender meant that more resources for further work at the company did not remain. The management of Armstrong Equipment corporation decided that the motorcycle office sputtered out, and closed it. The 7-year history of the Armstrong brand which could become one of the best in races, but, eventually, so ended simply completely disappeared, as well as hundreds other companies making motorcycles within the last two centuries.

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