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The Asia Motors company was based in 1965 as the young automotive enterprise specialising on release of exclusively military vehicles which copied the American Jeep brands, but differed the specifics and an orientation on the consumer.

The headquarters of Asia Motors was in the city of Seoul. In the same 1965 the first military car which was called M-38A1 was accurate and on a design almost precisely copied the American version of off-road vehicles. It should be noted that originally production of the Asia Motors company was accurately focused only on domestic market of the country, mainly, for military bases and parts.

11 years later, in 1976, the company was included into the Kia Motors concern making for that time exclusively cars. However Asia Motors, despite of everything, continued to let out off-road vehicles and jeeps under the old brand, using technologies and development of the Kia company. After a while the company opened the subsidiary within which continued release of a new series of cars of the increased passableness.

In 1994 production of the Asia Motors company interested the European markets and export to the countries of Europe and the Middle East was thus adjusted that considerably affected reputation of the producer. Company development till 1997 went stably, new development was entered into production, also huge attention was given to system of internal management and marketing policy.

In 1997 on automobile show by the Asia Motors company the new model of the Retona off-road vehicle which drew at once attention of the European consumers was shown. The car differed the increased passableness, quality, reliability and safety. This car possessed perfect appearance and comfort level. A suspension bracket of wheels - a lobby independent. Distinctive feature of the car was that the integral beam of the back bridge was equipped with the special directing mechanism and cylindrical springs. The body of the car was executed also metal and perfectly emphasised its style. The Retona engine was equipped with electronic injection of fuel that did this off-road vehicle also economic. The capacity of the unit made 136 horsepowers.

The special stabilizer and the screw springs providing steadier contact to a paving also was built in a forward suspension bracket. The maximum speed to which this car could be dispersed, made 150 kilometres per hour.

Its rather low dimensions which allowed the off-road vehicle to feel rather comfortably and in city conditions became one more distinctive feature of Asia Retona. It should be noted that in a number of the European countries the Retona model was on sale under the easily soiled companies Kia Motors. Mass release of this car was adjusted from 1998 to 2003. In total for 1997 the Asia Motors company let out more than 200 thousand cars which have received very warm responses of the owners on world and domestic market. Then the company was again sold, this time South Korean Hyundai Motor became the full owner.

In 1995 on the European markets the Asia Motor brand off-road vehicle – Rocsta got. The most advanced version of this car was the Soft Top DX Rocsta 1.8 model which was made up to 1999 and received an open body with soft top. This car for the first two years of the existence literally captivated the European markets, thanks to the functionality and reliability.

The traditional chassis for a difficult terrain was kept, and the suspension bracket was executed on longitudinal springs. The car was equipped with the petrol engine in capacity in 86 horsepowers. Rocsta 1.8 DX Soft Top had small dimensions, the suspension bracket was equipped with the special cross-section stabilizer and not cutting beam of the bridge. The drive of the car was initially planned as back, but then was improved with switching possibility on the forward.

The maximum speed of dispersal of the car made 130 kilometres per hour. One of pleasant and distinctive features of this model was that the car is rather unpretentious in service, there were no problems and with spare parts, and the engine used petrol with octane number 95.

The Rocsta model had a set of versions, in particular, the option of traditional Jeep CJ style with demountable soft and rigid top also was presented to a look of consumers. The advanced Asia Rocsta model was the R2 car which also was issued till 1999. This off-road vehicle differed from the original the extended wheel base and in the increased overall dimensions. As a whole, Asia Motors cars perfectly proved both on European, and in domestic markets of the country and had fine demand during the long period of time.

The company possessed all necessary international certificates of quality and ecology. Throughout all the history the Asia Motors enterprise adjusted production of supersize cars, and also small vans of Hi-Topic AM725 which differed fine spaciousness and inexpensive maintenance. In South Korean domestic market the set of models of this brand, including the main tractors, pickups, averages and heavy trucks, and also military vehicles, from which Asia Motors in due time was presented, actually, and began the career in the market of automobile producers.

The company placed in operation a set of motor shows and service stations, including, in CIS countries. For many years of existence of the company huge production of off-road vehicles which made very high economic profit of Asia Motors was adjusted. Constantly increasing volume of production, the company considerable attention gave the organisations of new development in the field of motor industry, and also the competent organisation of management and search of new sales markets of the production.

Export of cars of the Asia Motors brand both to CIS countries, and to many other countries of Europe, including Germany, France, Holland, and also to the countries of the Middle East is at present adjusted.

Asia Am 808 Asia Am 808
Asia Am928 Asia Am928
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Asia Combi 25 Asia Combi 25
Asia Combi Am 815 Asia Combi Am 815
Asia Combi Am 825 Asia Combi Am 825
Asia Cosmos Asia Cosmos
Asia Granbird Asia Granbird
Asia Km 410 Asia Km 410
Asia Retona Asia Retona
Asia Rocsta Asia Rocsta
Asia Rocsta 18 Dxl Softtop 4wd Asia Rocsta 18 Dxl Softtop 4wd
Asia Topic Asia Topic
Asia Towner Asia Towner
Asia Towner 800 Pick Up Asia Towner 800 Pick Up
Asia Towner Dlx Asia Towner Dlx
Asia Towner Pick Up Asia Towner Pick Up
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