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The autocompany Austin which became subsequently the largest in the country and extremely known around the world, was based in 1906 by Herbert Ostinom. This automobile designer was already known by then as the director general of the Wolseley company and, in combination, as the founder enough perspective models of cars.

Under own brand Herbert Ostin began production of cars in the city of Longbridzh in shops where the printing house once settled down. In 1905 the designer presented the project of the new car, and in April 1906 Ц and the Austin 25/30 HP car. The classical, representative model was equipped with the 4-cylinder engine. Cylinders were made by separate blocks with lateral cam-shafts. The Austin 25/30 HP car won good reputation and popularity which the subsequent pre-war Austin models used also.

Over time the Austin company offered a model range of the cars equipped with 4-cylinder motors in capacity in a range of 10-40 horsepowers. Then there was a car with the 6-cylinder engine in 50 h.p. And in 1908 two Austin cars took part in competitions of the Grand Prix of France.

In 1909 the inexpensive Austin 7 HP car which marked emergence of the whole series of easy cars of this company was made. This model was equipped with the 1-cylinder engine in volume 1 litre. The Austin 15 HP car was the same year let out. This model often used for a taxi as the place of the driver located over the motor, was decently separated from the passenger.

Post-war models did not differ a special variety. Austin Twenty equipped with the engine in volume in 3,6 litres became the first car made after the First World War. There was Austin Twelve 12 HP Ц the easy car with the motor in working volume in 1,6 litres which was made up to 1936 in the most various completions and with the engine in volume in 1,9 litres a bit later.

But the most popular, still and rather legendary the Austin Seven car which called "seven" became well-known. With an open 4-seater body Herbert Ostin and engineer Stanley Ej let out this small model in 1922, being based on the Peugeot Quadrilett model. The car was equipped with the 4-cylinder engine with lateral valves in volume nearly 0,7 litres. The capacity of the motor did not exceed 11 h.p., and the maximum speed of a car reached 65 km/h. Besides, the model differed wheels on spokes. The car became demanded because of the low price that was important during post-war time. In 1927 there was Austin-7 with a sports body of production of the Swallow company which received the name Jaguar later. Austin Seven in various bodies was made till 1939, constantly being thus improved. Besides, the model became a basis for sports Ulster and Nippy cars, and also for Mini series cars.

In 1927 the Austin Twenty model equipped with the 6-cylinder engine in working volume 3,4 litres was let out. Soon there was an Austin Sixteen 16 HP car equipped with the motor in volume in 2,25 litres. These two models, and also Ten 10 HP and Light Ten became a basis of production of the company up to 1931. Austin Ten 10 HP and Light Ten cars were issued with 4-cylinder engines in volume, respectively, 1,5 and 1,1 litres. In 1931 the model range was filled up by Austin Twelve updating. In 1939 of Austin Seven received the new engine in volume 0,9 litres and the new name - Eight 8 HP.

After the Second World War termination the Austin company continued to make the same models to which Austin Sixteen Ц the car equipped with the engine in 2,2 litres the body and the chassis for which occurred from earlier model 12 HP modernised in 1940 was added only. Austin cars continued to use considerable popularity, despite their conservatism and simplicity.

In 1948 on Austin cars the independent forward suspension bracket established for the first time on the Sheerline and Princess models from the A-40 series was tested. The Atlantic A-90 car which differed the original body reminding the American cars by a roundish blunted cowl became the following novelty of the company. The model was intended for export to the USA and Canada, because and received such name and design of a body which actively changed over time.

The car was equipped with the ryadny 4-cylinder engine in working volume in 2,7 litres and capacity in 88 h.p., the mechanical 4-step transmission, an independent lever and spring suspension bracket on forward wheels and an integral beam on the back. The maximum speed of the Atlantic A-90 model reached 135 km/h. The first tests of the car passed in very bad weather. As a result the car successfully passed 19 thousand km with average speed of 113 km/h. But it did not become popular abroad that led to closing of production of this model. The engine used at manufacturing A-90 of Atlantic by volume in 2,7 litres, began to establish on the sports Austin Healey 100 car later.

In 1952 there was an association of two automotive companies Austin and Morris. As a result of merge the Naval Forces corporation (British Motor Corporation) were organised. The A-30 model equipped with the engine in working volume in 0,8 litres became the first in common let out car. It was at the same time let out 2-doors by Metropolitan for the American company Nash. This car was equipped with the engine almost in 1 litre increased over time to one and a half litres, and differed a body with design, characteristic for many American cars of that time.

In 1955 the Cambridge and Westminster A-50 models were presented. The A-50 car had the engine used in the A-40 series, and Westminster equipped with the motor with working volume 2,6 litres. In 1958 there was a FX-4 model which used specially for a taxi. Today on the basis of this car others are issued also popular among the taxi companies of Great Britain of model.

In 1959 the Mini model, but this name the car developed by Alec Issigonis was let out, received not at once Ц initially it appeared in the market as legendary Austin Seven. Transmission and engine placement in front cross-section was an innovation that allowed to create quite compact car with a 4-seater body. As base for design of the new easy car the Morris Minor-1000 model which engine displacement made 0,95 litres served. But for Mini the volume of the motor was reduced to 0,85 litres, and its capacity made about 32 h.p. The Mini car which has been let out in 1959, could gather speed to 115 km/h.

Thanks to an arrangement of the engine and a transmission, executed in one block, the Austin Mini car was recognised revolutionary in motor industry. Besides, the two-volume body (when the luggage carrier is a part of a body, instead of the separate constructional decision) this model the then was still unusual. The effective decision became and placement of small wheels accurately on body corners that gave to bigger stability.

From the moment of release of the first copy of the Austin Mini model the car was repeatedly upgraded. The sports Mini Cooper equipped with engines of different volume from 1 to 1,3 litre was started in production. The capacity of these cars reached 75 horsepowers. Over time the suspension bracket was replaced with hydropneumatic Hydrolastic. Started to use an automatic transmission, disk brakes instead of drum-type, and also safety cushions. In Australia and Portugal on the basis of Austin Min the model with an open body of Moke was issued.

In 1964 the Austin Mini car won rally of Monte-Carlo, in 1965 won first place on the British rally, and in 1967 Ц Akropolis won rally. At all appeal of the small-displacement car, some shortcomings, among which noisy salon, not rather strong body and high cost are recognised at not so high comfort. Nevertheless, and today this expensive car is quite popular, especially among a hammer жи. Modern Mini is equipped with the engine in volume from 1,3 to 1,6 litres at capacity from 53 to 95 horsepowers. Thus its maximum speed reaches 185 km/h.

In 1964 the Austin-1100 car with hydropneumatic suspension bracket of Hydrolastic absolutely new to motor industry which was used and in the Austin-1800 model a bit later was made.

In 1968 there was the next association of auto makers: Naval Forces and Leyland created the British Leyland concern which has become the largest in Great Britain. Merge on the eve of the world crisis yielded the results. In 1969 the Maxi car equipped with the verkhneklapanny engine in volume almost in 1,5 litres was let out. Nevertheless, and this model was updating of become very popular Mini. In 1970 of Maxi received the engine in working volume 1,75 litres.

The Mini model was modified also: its began to equip with the motor which engine displacement made 1,1 litres, and capacity - about 50 "horses". The Mini FROM model with a sports body appeared the little later. In 1973 the Allegro model executed in a body of type a sedan was presented. This car which has continued the Austin-1100 series and 1300, was issued with motors in working volume in 1,1 and 1,7 litres.

Nearly an every year there were new models and the old were improved. The middle of the 70th and the beginning of the 80th years of last century were marked by extremely active development of the automotive industry. So in 1975 the Princess model Ц a car with a body a sedan and the engine which volume made from 1,7 to 2,2 litres was presented. This car was equipped with also hydropneumatic suspension bracket of Hydro -gaz.

In 1980 the Maxi-2 car equipped with the engine in volume in 1,75 litres was let out. The capacity of this power unit made 92 horsepowers. The Mini model on the basis of which the car under the name Metro with much more modern body was made was at the same time modified also. Motors which were established on the Metro car, had working volume almost in 1 and 1,3 litres. In 1983 the Maestro car having a two-volume body was let out. And in 1984 there was a Montego model equipped with a three-dimensional body. It should be noted that on Maestro and Montego cars identical chassis were established. Volumes of engines of these models varied in limits from 1,3 to 2 litres, and capacity Ц from 65 to 113 "horses".

In 1984 the most powerful concern Austin-Rover was created, apparently, but in 1988 the British Aerospace company redeemed automotive corporation and till 1989 was engaged in release also Austin-Rover cars. However soon the brand of let-out cars received the name Rover. So rather popular Rover Mini car which has got to concern in inheritance from the Austin company still is issued.

Austin 0.5 Ton Van Austin 0.5 Ton Van
Austin 10 Austin 10
Austin 10 4 Austin 10 4
Austin 10 4 Cambridge Austin 10 4 Cambridge
Austin 10 4 Sherbourne Austin 10 4 Sherbourne
Austin 10 Cambridge Austin 10 Cambridge
Austin 10 Clifton Tourer Austin 10 Clifton Tourer
Austin 10 Colwyn Tourer Austin 10 Colwyn Tourer
Austin 10 Hp Austin 10 Hp
Austin 10 Lichfield Austin 10 Lichfield
Austin 10 Lichfield Saloon Austin 10 Lichfield Saloon
Austin 10 Sherborne Austin 10 Sherborne
Austin 10 Tourer Austin 10 Tourer
Austin 101 Austin 101
Austin 11 55 Austin 11 55
Austin 1100 Austin 1100
Austin 1100 Countryman Austin 1100 Countryman
Austin 12 Austin 12
Austin 12 4 Austin 12 4
Austin 12 4 Ascot Austin 12 4 Ascot
Austin 12 4 Burnham Austin 12 4 Burnham
Austin 12 4 Clifton Austin 12 4 Clifton
Austin 12 4 Clifton Tourer Austin 12 4 Clifton Tourer
Austin 12 4 Harley Austin 12 4 Harley
Austin 12 4 Heavy Austin 12 4 Heavy
Austin 12 4 Light Ascot Austin 12 4 Light Ascot
Austin 12 4 Taxi Austin 12 4 Taxi
Austin 12 4 Taxi Landaulette Austin 12 4 Taxi Landaulette
Austin 12 4 Tourer Austin 12 4 Tourer
Austin 12 4 Two Seater With Dickey Austin 12 4 Two Seater With Dickey
Austin 12 4 Van Austin 12 4 Van
Austin 12 4 Windsor Austin 12 4 Windsor
Austin 12 6 Austin 12 6
Austin 12 6 Ascot Austin 12 6 Ascot
Austin 12 6 Harley Austin 12 6 Harley
Austin 12 Ascot Austin 12 Ascot
Austin 12 Cambridge Austin 12 Cambridge
Austin 12 Clifton Austin 12 Clifton
Austin 12 Tourer Austin 12 Tourer
Austin 1300 Austin 1300
Austin 1300 Countryman Austin 1300 Countryman
Austin 1300 Gt Austin 1300 Gt
Austin 14 6 Austin 14 6
Austin 14 6 Goodwood Austin 14 6 Goodwood
Austin 16 Austin 16
Austin 16 18 Austin 16 18
Austin 16 6 Austin 16 6
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