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The automobile company Bianchi was based at the end of the XIX century. On the basis of its plant constructed in the small town of Deziro, nearby to Milan, on January 11, 1955 the Autobianchi firm owners of the Bianchi company, FIAT concern and manufacturing firm of tyres Pirelli became which co-owners in equal shares also was open.

The small-displacement Bianchina cars which have been let out for the first time in 1957, but arrived in a mass production from next year became the first cars of Autobianchi firm. At the same time the Bianchi firm sold the share to two other co-owners of the company and left concern. The minicar of Bianchina repeating all technical characteristics of the FIAT-500 car, appeared in the market successfully: only for the first year of production 11 thousand copies of a car were let out.

The 2-cylinder engine with working volume 0,479 litres and air cooling was located behind. The car capacity with this motor made 15 horsepowers which increased over time to 17,5. Also the car was equipped with a mechanical 4-step transmission, a forward suspension bracket on cross-section levers and a sheet spring, a back suspension bracket on longitudinal levers and springs, and also drum-type brakes. The maximum speed of the double car with a body of a compartment reached 85 km/h. On the basis of this model cabriolets, small trucks and some more cars, such as Special and Panoramica were issued also.

The first six years production of the company was based only on Bianchina car release, but in the mid-sixties cars of this kind ceased to be popular. So at the end of 1964 model cardinally new to the company Primula with a forward drive and the cross-section engine was let out. In comparison with the car Bianchina, Primula it was positioned as more high-class car. Over time there was an updating of this model with a compartment body. As a whole, Primula was made till 1970th year.

This model is the unique own development of the Autobianchi company, though in production the FIAT-Hood engine, subsequently the modernised was used. The design of a forward drive designed for the Primula car began to be applied to release of FIAT cars later. Such details, as an engine arrangement, 3-doors a 5-seater body a hatchback, and also disk brakes on all wheels the then became original.

Among other technical characteristics it is possible to note the row 4-cylinder engine in volume of 1,2 l in capacity in 57 horsepowers, mechanical 4-step a check point, a forward independent suspension bracket on a cross-section spring and a back suspension bracket with a rigid axis on semi-elliptic springs. The maximum speed which the Primula car was capable to develop, made 135 km/h.

Stellina the model, which release was planned with a plastic body and which was to become analogue of FIAT-6000 and FIAT-850 with the engine located behind, did not appear in a mass production. The small capacity of the offered engine in aggregate with unattractive design of all car became the reasons of a failure of the new project.

In 1967 the Autobianchi company appeared in the FIAT concern property therefore the cars which were technically copying the FIAT models began to be made. So, in 1969 sedan A-111 the forward drive car of a small class with the FIAT-1245 engine was let out. There was an A-112 model which acquired great popularity, - full analogue of the FIAT-127 car though rather the Autobianchi A-112 model became the predecessor of development of FIAT-127 a bit later. This model was equipped with engines in volume in 0,9 and 1 litre. For the first time presented on motor show in Turin the A-112 car was equipped with the engine with working volume 0,9 litres in capacity in 44 horsepowers, located in front. Also the car had the mechanical 4-step transmission, an independent suspension bracket of all wheels, forward disk brakes and the back drum-type. The maximum speed of a 3-door 4-seater hatchback made 135 km/h.

The whole two years the model was issued only in primary option. Only then there was Elegant updating. The upgraded engine with the same volume, but already with capacity to equal 58 horsepowers became the unique change. Practically production of Abarth Autobianchi A-112 cars which were equipped with the motor in working volume in 1,05 litres and capacity in 70 horsepowers at once began. High popularity among youth forced to change design of the car. So there was a special Junior model.

In 1979 was published the modified Elegant Autobianchi A-112 car with more comfortable salon, the improved furnish and electronic ignition. Sports options of the Autobianchi A-112 car Championat which engine capacity made 70 horsepowers also were issued. These cars took part in the most various races where proved to be one of the best.

Production A-112 lasted about 15 years. At this time, there was a reorganisation processes in the company. The FIAT concern got not less known firm Lancia then in 1975 united it with Autobianchi.

The Autobianchi Y-10 model which was presented in 1985 on motor show in Geneva became following. The Y-10 car represented the small 3-door car equipped with several types of engines which volume made from 1 to 1,3 litres, and capacity from 45 to 78 horsepowers. Over time this car began to be made both under the Autobianchi brand, and under the name Lancia. But in 1996 release of the Y-10 model was stopped, and in production the Lancia Ypsilon car which has become updating Y-10, but with more interesting form of a body was started. After that the name Autobianchi ceased to be used and disappeared.

Autobianchi A 112 Autobianchi A 112
Autobianchi A111 Autobianchi A111
Autobianchi A112 Autobianchi A112
Autobianchi A112 Abarth Autobianchi A112 Abarth
Autobianchi A112 Junior Autobianchi A112 Junior
Autobianchi A112e Autobianchi A112e
Autobianchi A500 Furgoncino Autobianchi A500 Furgoncino
Autobianchi A500 Giardiniera Autobianchi A500 Giardiniera
Autobianchi Belvedere Autobianchi Belvedere
Autobianchi Bianchina Autobianchi Bianchina
Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet
Autobianchi Bianchina Furgoncino Autobianchi Bianchina Furgoncino
Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica
Autobianchi Bianchina Quattroposti Autobianchi Bianchina Quattroposti
Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile
Autobianchi Eden Roc Autobianchi Eden Roc
Autobianchi Furgoncino 320 Autobianchi Furgoncino 320
Autobianchi Lutece Autobianchi Lutece
Autobianchi Primula Autobianchi Primula
Autobianchi Primula 65c Autobianchi Primula 65c
Autobianchi Primula Coupe Autobianchi Primula Coupe
Autobianchi Primula Coupe S Autobianchi Primula Coupe S
Autobianchi Primula Quattroporte Autobianchi Primula Quattroporte
Autobianchi Scaligero Autobianchi Scaligero
Autobianchi Sforzesco Autobianchi Sforzesco
Autobianchi Stellina Autobianchi Stellina
Autobianchi Y10 Autobianchi Y10
Autobianchi Y10 Fire Autobianchi Y10 Fire
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