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The Avia enterprise began the activity in 1919 on the basis of an aviation workshop in the huge hangar located about Prague. Exactly here from the very beginning of World War II, and up to 1959 assembly of planes among which there was also Soviet SILT-14 was based.

The company began production of the first cars in 1946. It were 7-ton trucks of the Skoda 706 R model and Skoda 706RO buses. In 1967 the Avia enterprise approved the licence agreement with the French company Saviem about the organisation of release of two SG2 and SG4 models. Acquisition of the licence meant much, and allowed to lift a motor industry frame on new level corresponding to the international standards.

In 1968 the first trucks of the Avia brand descended from the factory conveyor are there were easy models A15 and А30 loading capacity of 1,5 and 3,0 tons respectively. In them absolutely new 4-cylinder "diesel engine" with direct injection of fuel which possessed capacity in 72 and 80 h.p. (in different options) was established. Cars also were equipped with a 4-step transmission. The suspension bracket of wheels was established lever and spring, in front – independent; on the A30 truck behind established sheet springs.

In the late seventies the A15 model was replaced by the new A20 truck which differed loading capacity in 2 tons. Avia A15 and А20 lorries were issued with the integrated all-metal vans, and heavier A30 models – with an onboard platform and as the chassis under installation of various bodies.

The Avia enterprise in the seventies found the past century considerable popularity that was promoted by new development in motor industry which took root at once plant into production. In the USSR models of a sample of 1982-1983 – А21 and А31 by loading capacity in 1,7-3,4 tons possessing more powerful engines (3596 cm of cubic, 83 hp) actively were on sale. Release of these trucks exceeded 15 thousand copies annually.

Already to the middle of the 80th capacity of the enterprise allowed to make about 150 000 cars of different updatings in a year. The lion's share of cars went for export, generally – to the USSR, and to countries of Western Europe of delivery were small.

After the Soviet Union broke up, the Avia company lost the most big customer. The countries of the former USSR bought few cars therefore it was necessary to look for new sales markets.

In the 90th there passed a new wave of modernisation of automobile equipment in this connection, all out-of-date Avia models appeared noncompetitive and practically were not on sale. In the company there came production crisis, and its management seriously reflected on the future. In 1995 the joint venture with Daewoo firm which was called by Daewoos-Avia was created. After that within several years the modernised old models, but already with new engines and the updated cabins were issued.

Production grew again. The models A60, А65 and А75 with useful loading in 3,2-4,8 tons were made, and three years later them joined also the 5,5-ton A80 model. The Daewoo-Avia joint venture let out to 20 thousand cars a year for needs of the Czech Republic. Absolutely new AD100 model which found at once unknown popularity was in the late nineties developed. However in 2000 the Daewoo company went bankrupt, therefore at the Avia enterprise release of trucks, including, the new AD100 model, was almost stopped.

After long calm in 2006 capacities of the Avia company were redeemed by the Indian producer of Ashok Leyland trucks. Since that moment trucks at Avia plants started to be issued under the Avia Ashok Leyland Motors brand.

Mid-annual volume of production made about 25 000 cars. Big trucks by loading capacity from 6 to 9 tons which successfully are on sale in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain and many other countries of the world were generally developed.

At the end of 2006 the company solemnly presented to the public of model of the D120, D110 and D100 series which possessed 12-, 11-and 10-ton loading capacity respectively. The Avia Ashok Leyland Motors company income in 2006 made about 86 million kroner, and an unconsolidated loss – about 21,5 million kroner. And 2007 became even more successful – the revenue of the company made 668 million kroner at a loss in 250 million. However today it is possible to speak about prompt development of the enterprise.

Avia 2000 Avia 2000
Avia 2000f Avia 2000f
Avia 2500 Avia 2500
Avia 2500 Furgon Avia 2500 Furgon
Avia 3500 Avia 3500
Avia 4006 Avia 4006
Avia 7000 Avia 7000
Avia A 15 Avia A 15
Avia A 15 F Avia A 15 F
Avia A 20 F Avia A 20 F
Avia A 21 Avia A 21
Avia A 21 F Avia A 21 F
Avia A 30 Avia A 30
Avia A 30 Da 12 Avia A 30 Da 12
Avia A 30 K Si Avia A 30 K Si
Avia A 30 L Sja Avia A 30 L Sja
Avia A 30 N Avia A 30 N
Avia A 30 N Sja Avia A 30 N Sja
Avia A 31 Avia A 31
Avia A 75 Avia A 75
Avia A31 Avia A31
Avia Avia A31 Spo M Avia Avia A31 Spo M
Avia D90 Avia D90
Avia Ikarus 535 Avia Ikarus 535
Avia Ikarus 543 Midi Avia Ikarus 543 Midi
Avia Ugarte Avia Ugarte
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