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Founded by Giovanni Bertone workshop G. Bertone Carrozzeria (Carrozzeria – "repair shop body") became the basis for creating one of the most famous in the automotive world design companies. Started firm with car repairs and the construction of horse-drawn carriages. The workshop was located in the Alpine city of Turin, where in 1907 he moved then young Giovanni Bertone.

Two years later, Giovanni was born the son of Giuseppe, and after 7 years, he created his first auto body SPA 9000 Sport. Young Nucho (nickname Giuseppe in the family circle) as they grow up, like his father, more fond of cars, and on reaching the age of majority has been officially accepted in state G. Carrozzeria Bertone.

Helping his father, Nocco also received a degree in accounting. However, this has not prevented the in 1927 to provide the public with the first family work – coupe Ardita. Though the body and resembled the 1934 Ford, the car differed high quality, and in combination with the chassis of Lancia and Fiat, this has led to the growing popularity of the Studio Bertone. However, Giovanni is gradually handed over the reins of the enterprise to the son.

Immediately after World War II, Nuccio Bertone workshop moved to our new factory at Grugliasco. This enterprise became the birthplace of the Bertone that you know today. But the fact of birth was the project Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. Designed and launched in 1954, the car instantly gained fame on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. Published a total of 36,000 cars in various versions, and they are still a tasty morsel for any collector.

After the birth of Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, Bertone was recognized as such by pillars of design like Pininfarina and Zagato, which resulted in special versions of the Guilietta, as well as in further cooperation.

Production Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint brought Nuccio Bertone pretty decent income that allowed him to go to the next level, where he could exhibit their work at European auto shows. At the Turin motor show 1952 provided a series of BAT - Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica. The cars, designed and commissioned by Alfa Romeo, was designed by the then young designer Franco Scalene. So was born the car Abarth Coupe.

Could the young Scalene to suspect that it marked the beginning of European "aerostyle"? Hardly. However, from the "pen" the young designer has released more than 40 different models, each of which has a unique design and smooth lines. Series BAT has been implemented in cars BAT 5 (1953), BAT 7 (1954) and BAT 9 (1955), and many years later it managed to revive in modern design.

At the end of 50-ies it became clear that Nuccio Bertone had the talent to gather around him talented people. After working with Ferrari and such Studio as Ghia, Vignale and Pininfarina, Giuseppe has further polished their signature style. In 1960 he was joined by Giorgio Giugiaro. While working at Bertone, he created a variety of concept cars, four of which saw the light of day. This BMW 3200 CS, the Mazda Familia, ISO Grifo and the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint. Four years later, Giugiaro established his own Studio Italdesign-Guigaro which soon reached the level of Bertone and Pininfarina.

On the role of chief designer in Bertone-Marcello Gandini – another man to write his name in Golden letters in the history of automotive design for the time spent under the patronage of Nuccio Bertone. Working since the early 60-ies, he has created an incredible number of truly legendary cars. His first creation was the concept car Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo doors of guillotine type, so popular nowadays and is also known as "scissor doors". Later the concept became one of the most beautiful and fastest cars on the planet at the time, received the name Lamborghini Countach.

Most of the cars with the logo of the bull were his creations. Designer was considered a magician since regardless of the car he didn't touch it, they become an icon of the automotive industry. Alfa Romeo Montreal, Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo, BMW 5 Series, De Tomaso Pantera 200, Ferrari 308GT4 Dino, Fiat 132, Fiat X1/9, Iso Lele, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini Espada, Lamborghini Jarama, Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini Urraco, Lancia Stratos, Maserati Khamsin – this is an incomplete list of his works that brought fame Gandini and Bertone.

Bertone 850 Racer Berlinetta Bertone 850 Racer Berlinetta
Bertone Birusa Bertone Birusa
Bertone Carabo Bertone Carabo
Bertone Freeclimber Bertone Freeclimber
Bertone Freeclimber 2 Bertone Freeclimber 2
Bertone Genesis Bertone Genesis
Bertone Ritmo Cabrio Bertone Ritmo Cabrio
Bertone X1 9 Bertone X1 9
Bertone X19 Bertone X19
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