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The automobile Dodge brand was only some decades the independent enterprise and throughout long time and now is one of divisions of the auto giant Chrysler. Despite it, the Dodge brand didn't lose the unique identity and wasn't dissolved in the known parent company.

The automobile Dodge brand is obliged by the emergence to brothers Dodge. They began with production of bicycles, and in 1900 could found the engineering plant on production of details to cars. In 1914 the first Dodge car descended from conveyors, it was inexpensive and qualitative therefore quickly I became popular among buyers.

In 1916 the world saw the new car Dodge with an all-metal body which was issued in two options. Since 1917 Americans started expanding the production range and started being engaged in release of trucks.

In 1920 with a different time interval brothers founders of Dodge John and Goras Dodge die, and their widows get the successful enterprise. The widow women, alas, didn't own enterprise talent and slowly the automobile building enterprise Dodge started giving in in the market of cars of America.

As a result, the Dodge brand in 1925 was sold to one investment group which couldn't reanimate once successful enterprise and it was sold to enterprising Walter Chrysler. In 1928 the Dodge brand became part of the Chrysler corporation.

During the Great Depression production of cars of this brand wasn't active. Nevertheless, in 1932 there is Dodge DL cabriolet. The cowl of this cabriolet in style of an art deco was decorated by the utilized figure of a ram which became an emblem of this automobile brand subsequently. The Chrysler corporation provided own emblem of Dodge, thereby declaring to the whole world that she doesn't intend to dissolve office of Dodge in herself, thereby continuing business of brothers Dodge.

In the same time Americans come to the European car market and open the plant in Great Britain. In 1939 in honor of the 25 summer anniversaries the Dodge company subjects to restyling all the existing a model range, doing cars very magnificent. Cars equipped with the last technologies, as well as in salon magnificent elements of finishing were used. In the people these cars began to call "magnificent liners".

In a wartime the Dodge brand, as well as other American car makers, almost doesn't release civil cars. This brand released the military trucks intended for transportation of the weapon. In post-war time on the basis of military trucks release of the Dodge Power Wagon pickup begins. This pickup became so successful that was issued up to 1970.

All post-war autoproduction Dodge can be characterized as qualitative, but not especially interesting from the point of view of design.

In the fifties the XX century the situation cardinally changes, after all the designer Vergil Eksner thinks out new design which allocates Dodge cars against others with rare grace of style.

On the American roads Dodges Coronet Club Coupe (1953) and Dodge Royal Lancer (1959) become "kings". During this time period cars of the Dodge brand start appearing on screens of movie theaters.

The Dodge HEMI V8 car was recognized as the most economic in the consumption plan of oil.

The 60th years were marked by release of the first sports Dodge cars. This action was dated for the 50 anniversary of a brand. The Dodge Charger car about V8 the motor which is let out in 1966 became the admission for cars of this brand to the world of legends of muscular cows of that time.

Dodge Charger was specially developed to press the Pontiac brand with its sports cars, after all for that time in the Chrysler corporation there was no worthy sports car, and emergence of Dodge Charger corrected a situation. To spread this car, the decision on its participation in the races NASCAR was made.

Dodge Charger in a year after the emergence bothered Americans and his developers it was necessary to reflect on its restyling. In 1968 the world was seen by the new updated Dodge Charger version and sales of this car flew up by 6 times.

The beginning of the 70th years was marked by release of Dodge Challenger which belonged to a pony-car's segment.

As well as many automobile giants of America, the Chrysler corporation it wasn't ready to fuel crisis and I couldn't offer the buyer the small midget car therefore it had to borrow at Japanese of Mitsubishi Lancer and to start selling this car under the name Dodge Colt.

The own compact car under the name Dodge Omni appeared at Chrysler only in 1978 and that, this car the French company Simna B belonging to Americans which was sold to the French concern of Peugeot Citroen over time, and developed at that time the car which in America all knew under the name of Dodges Omni started selling in Europe under the name Talbot Horizon.Bo to the second half of the 70th and in the early eighties the Chrysler company was on the verge of bankruptcy as its cars because of poor quality were unpopular. Such models as Dodge Aspen, St Regis, Dart replaced each other and came to grief.

The talented manager Li Yakokka rescued Chrysler from bankruptcy, and thereby and Dodge, having elicited at the U.S. Government the credit. On front-wheel To a platform such models as Dodge 400,600 and Aries start being issued. Dodge 400 started being released also in a cabriolet body.

Among taxi drivers and police officers big Dodge Diplomat used special popularity.

In 1998 the Dodge Durango SUV descends from conveyors, and in nine years a number of Dodge SUVs fills up the Nitro model. In 2008 the Dodge Journey SUV which differs in expanded opportunity to transformation was issued.

Today the automobile Dodge brand sells the production on different continents, its model range is very wide, but the attention is focused on SUVs and sports cars.

Dodge 0.5 Ton Dodge 0.5 Ton
Dodge 0.5 Ton Panel Delivery Dodge 0.5 Ton Panel Delivery
Dodge 0.5 Ton Pickup Dodge 0.5 Ton Pickup
Dodge 0.5 Ton Station Wagon Dodge 0.5 Ton Station Wagon
Dodge 1 Ton Dodge 1 Ton
Dodge 1 Ton Panel Delivery Dodge 1 Ton Panel Delivery
Dodge 1.5 Ton Dodge 1.5 Ton
Dodge 100 Dodge 100
Dodge 100 Series Dodge 100 Series
Dodge 100 Sweptside Pickup Dodge 100 Sweptside Pickup
Dodge 1000 Dodge 1000
Dodge 108 Dodge 108
Dodge 1100 Light Van Dodge 1100 Light Van
Dodge 114 Dodge 114
Dodge 116 Tourer Dodge 116 Tourer
Dodge 12 Ton 4x4 Power Wagon Wc 24 Command Car Dodge 12 Ton 4x4 Power Wagon Wc 24 Command Car
Dodge 1500 Dodge 1500
Dodge 1500 Rural Dodge 1500 Rural
Dodge 1500 Sedan Dodge 1500 Sedan
Dodge 1500 Slt Big Horn Edition Dodge 1500 Slt Big Horn Edition
Dodge 1800 Dodge 1800
Dodge 1947 51 Pickup Dodge 1947 51 Pickup
Dodge 2 Door Dodge 2 Door
Dodge 2 Door Hardtop Dodge 2 Door Hardtop
Dodge 2 Dr Dodge 2 Dr
Dodge 2 Dr Sedan Dodge 2 Dr Sedan
Dodge 2 Ton Dodge 2 Ton
Dodge 2.5 Ton Dodge 2.5 Ton
Dodge 2500 Ram Slt Quad Cab Dodge 2500 Ram Slt Quad Cab
Dodge 2500 Sprinter Dodge 2500 Sprinter
Dodge 2500shc Sprinter Dodge 2500shc Sprinter
Dodge 2dr Dodge 2dr
Dodge 2dr Sedan Dodge 2dr Sedan
Dodge 3 Ton Dodge 3 Ton
Dodge 300 Dodge 300
Dodge 300 Series Dodge 300 Series
Dodge 329 Dodge 329
Dodge 330 Dodge 330
Dodge 330 2dr Dodge 330 2dr
Dodge 330 Wagon Dodge 330 Wagon
Dodge 3500 Slt Big Horn Edition Maxxcab Dodge 3500 Slt Big Horn Edition Maxxcab
Dodge 3500 Slt Big Horn Edition Maxxcab 4x4 Dodge 3500 Slt Big Horn Edition Maxxcab 4x4
Dodge 3500 Sprinter Dodge 3500 Sprinter
Dodge 3700 Dodge 3700
Dodge 3700 Boulevard Serra Dodge 3700 Boulevard Serra
Dodge 3700 Gt Dodge 3700 Gt
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