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It is possible to call the FAW company the first Chinese automaker of cars. Now it is the largest producer of a car in China, under its control more than thirty most known brands are issued. FAW can brag of release cargo and cars. This company cooperates with the most known global manufacturers of cars. All cars which are issued with participation of the FAW company, have the most modern hardware and magnificent design.

In the early fifties of the XX century the Governments of China and the USSR signed the agreement that the Soviet Union undertakes to help China with development of industrial branch. Development of automotive industry was considered as the main direction. In this regard in the city of Changhun there was the first plant on production of cars in 1953.

In the middle of the summer building of plant began, and three years later it already released the first car which received the name CA10 Jiefang that in translation from Chinese means "Release". It represented the truck, with a capacity up to four tons. It is remarkable that the first cars of this brand were sent to Jordan, according to their available data was three.

The first car released by the FAW company appeared at the end of spring of 1958 and received the name Dongfeng ("East wind"). Approximately in August of the same year one more car called Hongqi ("A red banner") was released. This car was released for the highest ranks of the country.

In the fall this car with a body a limousine cabriolet was released.

It should be noted that similar take-off of plant proceeded not for long. At the end of 1958 activity of the FAW company practically stopped, cars weren't issued up to 1960. The management of the company did very great job which allowed to resume production. Besides that the plant resumed work, the management carried out restructuring, b in 1964 appeared the FAW Group brand.

The period from 1965 to 1967 is peak of success of the FAW company. For this period the company issued the new version of a limousine of Hongqi with the extended body, soon this car became a prerogative of the government. Only the highest ranks of the country leaders dared to go by this car. In 1967 the leading position of FAW rose under doubt. The matter is that the country leaders decided to organize one more plant on production of cars which received the name Second Automobile Works – SAW. The management of FAW was attracted to creation of this enterprise.

In the late sixties again there was an updated version of a government limousine of FAW Hongqi. In the car that there was an armor body became new, the CA772 index was appropriated to model. For the company 1973 is significant, the new FAW CA390 dump truck, loading capacity it was published made 60 tons then. The car especially for work in pits was released.

In 1977 the management of the enterprise carries out modernization of plant, for the purpose of structural changes of the company.

Since the end of the 80th years till 2001 the FAW company increases production scales, increases capacities, so and its profits grow every year. It comes to one of leading places on release of cars in the country. Cars start exporting to other countries actively. By 2001 cars of the FAW brand are exported in 70 countries of the world.

In the fall of 2002 there was a FAW Bus and Coach Company subsidiary which specialized on production of buses, and later one more company which received the name Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co, she was engaged in production of buses of average power, the bus of the FAW Coaster brand was for the first time released.

One of the best joint development of FAW and Toyota is the car of the Vita brand, the Toyota Yaris platform is the cornerstone of its production. Since 2007 export of cars of the Vita brand to Russia began. In our country these cars appeared with a body a hatch-back, and then and a sedan. Important feature of these cars are electrowindow regulators. If at a raising of glass there is an opportunity, for example, to pinch a hand, the mechanism will react at once to it. Glass ceases to rise and falls a little down. This function is simply irreplaceable for those who has children. Cars of the Vita brand were appreciated by the Russian motorists and not only. Excellent design and unsurpassed quality, set of options of a complete set and many other things.

Now the FAW company it is possible by the right to consider as the first among producers of cars in China.

She is engaged in production of buses, trucks of a different tonnage, cars and midget cars. Cars of the Chinese company FAW are exported to many countries. Qualitative production is in demand worldwide.

The FAW company unites huge capacities: 35 plants, 10 branches and 18 subsidiaries. Some of them are located in the territory of China. Except huge own powerful productions, FAW is engaged in coproduction with many largest companies, such as: Audi AG, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen AG and others. FAW has huge assets, and the staff of the enterprise totals about 140 thousand people.

Faw Benteng B50 Ca 7165 Faw Benteng B50 Ca 7165
Faw Ca 1031 Faw Ca 1031
Faw Ca 1039 K2 Faw Ca 1039 K2
Faw Ca 1258 Faw Ca 1258
Faw Ca 3075 Faw Ca 3075
Faw Ca 3250 Faw Ca 3250
Faw Ca 4322 Faw Ca 4322
Faw Ca 6440 Faw Ca 6440
Faw Ca Series Faw Ca Series
Faw Ca1010 Faw Ca1010
Faw Ca1010a2 Faw Ca1010a2
Faw Ca1020ja Faw Ca1020ja
Faw Ca1021 Faw Ca1021
Faw Ca1041k25l Faw Ca1041k25l
Faw Ca6350 Faw Ca6350
Faw Ca6350je2 Faw Ca6350je2
Faw E Wing Faw E Wing
Faw Gf900 Faw Gf900
Faw Hongta Kingka Faw Hongta Kingka
Faw Jiabao Faw Jiabao
Faw Senya M80 Faw Senya M80
Faw Unknown Faw Unknown
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