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"Ford Motor" is the American company on production of cars which specializes in own way on release of automobile vehicles under the name of the same name. The Ford Motor concern possesses development and design of such popular brands of cars, as: "Lincoln", "Merkyyuri", the most different agricultural machinery and different types of trucks. The history and development of the Ford car will tell you a lot of interesting not only about this brand, but also about concern on which the notorious horse was created.

Also it was the share of ways to successful career, concern hardly, but it didn't prevent them to create such popular brand of cars as the Jaguar.

Now location of the company is the headquarters in the city of Diborna (the American state of Michigan), near staff once there was a native farm of parents of the popular person – Henry Ford.

The concern was based Henry Ford in far 1903 and at once began to work on creation and release of mass cars, cheap for that time. Originally the car of model "A" but after that, literally in 1908 the model of such car was replaced with other – "T" differed in the low cost. The success of this model of the car was so great that all Americans bought them not only for themselves, but also for the relatives, girlfriends, wives, friends.

The success of new make of the car was rather great, and the Ford enterprise constantly extended, and also didn't manage to cope with orders. In the first year by production of this model only 10 660 cars were sold, and it broke all records in global automotive industry of that time.

In Ford Motor concern on production of cars the method of standardization of interchangeable parts of products of the car, standard for that time, and technology of assembly of cars on the conveyor was for the first time entered, and it allowed to raise for only some years labor productivity in the company by the whole 40-60%. At the same time the salary of the serving people increased in the company to such an extent that could exceed an average salary on the industry several times. Almost at all enterprises shortly entered the eight-hour working day. By 1914 nearly 500 thousand models of the car "T", and, in turn, were made by 1923 each car in America became on concerns "Ford Motor".

Shortly, namely in the 1920-1930th years the corporation "Ford the Motor" opened offices in many countries of the world, and to start cooperation with Russia (to be engaged over creation of the GAZ, AMO plants). But everything, the owner of concern Henry Ford was negative to October revolution enough, nevertheless, he considered that Russia lives with the big future, but it will be guaranteed to it only if she follows ways to industrial development.

Soon in 1922 the corporation "Ford the Motor" got the Linkoln company, and gave the chance of company management to the senior - to Edsel Ford. Management style of the senior Ford was authoritative, and this person soon became a favourite target for a yellow press. At refusal of mister Ford to suffer labor unions at the enterprises piles on the agony in the well-known corporation. But together with it Americans in the 1920th years were tired of the monotonous Ford "T" model. People wanted something new and unexpected. Owing to what competitors from the General Motors company escaped forward. But the Ford concern didn't manage to pass anything, and here, answered with the Ford A model which popularity for that time was not to occupy.

But soon in 1929 at the company the big depression began, and sales considerably sharply worsened. At the same time the salary fell twice.

Shortly after that, in 1932 the concern was accepted to mass production of V-shaped 8-cylinder engines for cars. The Ford Motor Company concern became the first which managed to make release of the monolithic eight-cylinder block. Soon after that, passed many years, since then, so far competitors of Ford concern could start high-quality automobile V-8 engines in mass production. While Ford cars and its best engines became favourites for all Americans. Shortly after that also opening of assembly plant in Cologne came.

Models of Mercury cars which start took place in 1938 were successful.

Company management was presented to Edsel Ford, besides his authority in no way couldn't be compared to authority of his father. But soon after the next victory over competitors in affairs of the son stagnation began, and it in addition strengthened it when there was World War II. After business war again went uphill.

Approximately from 1942 to 1947 ceased to make civil cars sharply, therefore as the concern had to direct own efforts on necessary on that time, military needs. Started keeping the program of a wartime, to head which it was necessary to Edsel Ford. When carrying out the program about 8 600 four-motor V-24 Liberator bombers, about fifty tens the best engines were made for planes, and also it is more than a quarter of one million tanks, and other necessary military equipment. All program lasted for 3 years.

In the history and development of the Ford car it is specified that after management of concern of the senior Ford in 1945 the power passes to Henry Ford-second who, in turn, inspired the company on realization of new productions of cars.

Henry Jr. organized new system of a set of the personnel, was engaged in development of strategy for many firms, developed techniques of "brainstorming", known from war, then started inviting in group of systems analysts.

Shortly after that, namely in 1949 the Ford Motor concern sold about 807 000 cars and by that started increasing profit from car sales from 94 million dollars one year prior to 177 million dollars.

Shortly after acquisition of stocks of the Yaguar company it in a bigger measure increased a variety of models of the Ford brand, soon, and if to be exact, approximately in a year in order that release of multi-purpose cars of the Ford Galaxy model was created engineers and designers of the company were engaged in creation of joint venture with popular German corporation of cars of the Volkswagen brand.

The model of the Ford Explorer car which was presented on the review in January, 1990, on the dimensions doesn't exceed such popular models as Blazer and Tahoe. And, strangely enough, throughout many years of a car was the best and rather long time sold among other popular cars in the North American market. The new generation of the Ford Explorer model was presented to the review in 2001.

And in 1993 the car which model is known by all was made, it is Ford Mondeo.

Ford 0.5 Ton Ford 0.5 Ton
Ford 0.5 Ton Pick Up Ford 0.5 Ton Pick Up
Ford 1 Ton Ford 1 Ton
Ford 1 Ton Chassis With 1931 Rix Six Air Compressor Ford 1 Ton Chassis With 1931 Rix Six Air Compressor
Ford 1 Ton Coe Firetruck Ford 1 Ton Coe Firetruck
Ford 1 Ton Pick Up Ford 1 Ton Pick Up
Ford 1 Ton Tanker Ford 1 Ton Tanker
Ford 1.5 Ton Ford 1.5 Ton
Ford 10 Cwt Van Ford 10 Cwt Van
Ford 10 Hp Ford 10 Hp
Ford 106 E Anglia Ford 106 E Anglia
Ford 12 Ton Ford 12 Ton
Ford 12m Ford 12m
Ford 12m 1300 Ford 12m 1300
Ford 12m Coupe Ford 12m Coupe
Ford 12m Stasjonsvogn Ford 12m Stasjonsvogn
Ford 12m Turnier Ford 12m Turnier
Ford 12m Varebil Ford 12m Varebil
Ford 12m Varevogn Ford 12m Varevogn
Ford 1500 Ford 1500
Ford 1520 Ford 1520
Ford 15cwt Gs Ford 15cwt Gs
Ford 15m Ford 15m
Ford 15m Coupe Ford 15m Coupe
Ford 15m Turnier Ford 15m Turnier
Ford 17 M 1700 S Kombi Ford 17 M 1700 S Kombi
Ford 17 M De Luxe Ford 17 M De Luxe
Ford 1700 Ford 1700
Ford 1710 Ford 1710
Ford 1720 Ford 1720
Ford 17m Ford 17m
Ford 17m Bestattungswagen Ford 17m Bestattungswagen
Ford 17m Kombi Ford 17m Kombi
Ford 17m Pollmann Ford 17m Pollmann
Ford 17m Rs Ford 17m Rs
Ford 17m Stasjonsvogn Ford 17m Stasjonsvogn
Ford 17m Stationcar Ford 17m Stationcar
Ford 17m Turnier Ford 17m Turnier
Ford 17m Varevogn Ford 17m Varevogn
Ford 1830 Ford 1830
Ford 1900 Ford 1900
Ford 1919 Model A Miniature Replica Ford 1919 Model A Miniature Replica
Ford 1929 Ford 1929
Ford 1948 50 Ford Firetruck Ford 1948 50 Ford Firetruck
Ford 1952 Ford 1952
Ford 2 Door Sedan Ford 2 Door Sedan
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