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Infiniti — the brand showing improbable success of "Japanese" in America. In the 1970th and even in the early eighties the phrase "luxury Japanese cars" caused a smile. Anybody also couldn't think that already through ten years everything will change. And with what, actually, everything began? From fuel crisis of the 70th and economic recession of the 80th when the American drivers seriously reflected on compact cars with a small consumption of gasoline. The European and American car makers a little that could offer in this class. Here also there were Japanese. Appeared and won to themselves an impressive place in the market.

By then, when both crises remained behind and the American economy sharply went uphill, the generation of the people who quickly enough became well-founded for whom thought up the term "yuppie" later managed to grow. Their automobile preferences were quickly displaced from utilitarian towards high capacities and pleasure derived from the car.

The Nissan Motor company by this moment already strongly located on the North American continent, "caught a wave" and made the decision on development of models for this new group of clients. However it had to face need of the new name for the new cars. After all the Nissan brand habitual to all was associated with modest, inexpensive and sometimes even Spartan cars. It would be very difficult to learn the market to perceive habitual brands in a different way. Then the Nissan company also created the Infiniti brand. For Infiniti there is a powerful carmaker with long-term history, and this company could make the contribution to blossoming of a segment of luxury Japanese cars in America.

In 1989 in Detroit action under the name North American International Auto Show for the first time opened. It was especially local event until organizers didn't decide to threaten on the international level. On show Infiniti Q45 sedan was presented.

To it, as well as it is necessary at Japanese, years of development and researches preceded. A month before emergence of a leader of Q45 in Detroit Infiniti already I opened doors of 51 dealer points over all country. Start of brand was accompanied by funny known advertizing campaign using images of the roads curling among trees and mountains. Cars didn't appear in advertizing in any way. On a plan of advertisers, it had to cast a zen atmosphere over future buyers, and in practice led to numerous jokes that Infiniti trades in mountains and trees.

However jokes stood aside with the advent of Q45. The press fell in love at once with this car for a combination of power, luxury and innovative style. 278 horsepowers and the V8 engine allowed it to apply for the leader's position in the class. Sahara added innovative system of an active suspension bracket. That is interesting, Q45 had no double in a Japanese line of models of Nissan.

Released Infiniti not only one top model, and I added it with more modest option. The compartment of M30, sports and focused on the driver, appeared along with a leader — in the 1989th became it. One year later compact G20 (analog of Nissan Primera), and in a year, in the 1992nd was presented, to J30 about which wrote that it "possesses strange appearance". This appearance one in one coincides with Nissan Leopard sedan which was on sale those years in Japan, really peculiar car. Without being limited to sedans and a compartment, Infiniti includes in the model range and SUVs. Having begun in the second half of the 90th years with QX4 (it is Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano), the company continued this direction by such models successful now as sports FX35/FX45 and full-size QX56, the dimensions and "stuffing" later representing the full competition to the American monsters like Chevrolet Tahoe.

No wonder that Infiniti quickly I reached rather high sales level and I received many awards from J.D. Power, having set the standard for competitors. The model range let rather slowly, but extended, quality remained at height, and everything went safely. But to Nissan there was a financial crisis. Troubles with the company parent couldn't but be reflected in affiliated brand. Just at this time Q45 was completely updated, and as critics, not to the best solved. Other models, especially lower part of a ruler, too lost original spirit of brand.

Everything cardinally changed with arrival to the management of Nissan of Carlos Ghosn (Carlos Ghosn). This person, which name doesn't descend from the mass media pages for a long time, gave a task to designers to develop new stunning shape for models as Nissan, and Infiniti. For the last it developed into emergence of G35 — the most successful in the history of make of the car, the model range which became the actual leader. Every third of Infiniti copies which are on sale now — is G35.

It should be noted that the transatlantic brother of G35 — is known for many Nissan Skyline, issued in two options of a body — a sedan and a compartment. No wonder that it too is very popular, after all this car became a legend on the homeland long ago and is far beyond its limits. Coming back to G35, it is worth mentioning the words of Rutting told them on the last auto show in New York. The head of alliance Renault Nissan noted that G35 laid the foundation for present success of Infiniti — four years in a row sales break records, and in comparison with 2002 they grew by 55%.

G35 were followed also by other updated models — the line of sedans of M35/M45 with V-shaped engines which started being on sale in February, 2005.

Now Infiniti endures the next stage of the Renaissance. All line of models was updated, and G35 became the first among "revived". The new option of a sedan was already shown in New York. In the spring of 2007 there was a compartment. Along with it the company enters the global market, opening the representations in the Middle East, in South Korea, on Taiwan, in China and in Russia. Plans for the next three years the most iridescent, and the 20 anniversary of Infiniti shouldn't be saddened by anything.

Infiniti 350gt Infiniti 350gt
Infiniti 8600 Infiniti 8600
Infiniti Essence Infiniti Essence
Infiniti Etherea Infiniti Etherea
Infiniti Ex Infiniti Ex
Infiniti Ex30d Infiniti Ex30d
Infiniti Ex35 Infiniti Ex35
Infiniti Ex37 Infiniti Ex37
Infiniti Fx Infiniti Fx
Infiniti Fx 35 Infiniti Fx 35
Infiniti Fx30d Infiniti Fx30d
Infiniti Fx35 35l V6 Infiniti Fx35 35l V6
Infiniti Fx45 Infiniti Fx45
Infiniti Fx50 Infiniti Fx50
Infiniti Fx50 S Infiniti Fx50 S
Infiniti G Infiniti G
Infiniti G20 Infiniti G20
Infiniti G20 T Infiniti G20 T
Infiniti G35 Infiniti G35
Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe
Infiniti G35 Sport V6 Infiniti G35 Sport V6
Infiniti G35s Infiniti G35s
Infiniti G37 Infiniti G37
Infiniti G37 Cabrio Infiniti G37 Cabrio
Infiniti G37 Convertible Infiniti G37 Convertible
Infiniti G37x Infiniti G37x
Infiniti I30 Infiniti I30
Infiniti I35 Infiniti I35
Infiniti J30 Infiniti J30
Infiniti J30 T Infiniti J30 T
Infiniti M Infiniti M
Infiniti M30 Infiniti M30
Infiniti M35 Infiniti M35
Infiniti M35 Hybrid Infiniti M35 Hybrid
Infiniti M35x Infiniti M35x
Infiniti M35x Awd Sedan Infiniti M35x Awd Sedan
Infiniti M37 Infiniti M37
Infiniti M45 Infiniti M45
Infiniti M45 Sport Infiniti M45 Sport
Infiniti M56 Infiniti M56
Infiniti Q30 Infiniti Q30
Infiniti Q45 Infiniti Q45
Infiniti Qx 23 Infiniti Qx 23
Infiniti Qx4 Infiniti Qx4
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