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The history of this brand began more than one and a half centuries ago – in 1831 – then the company specialized on automation of manual objects of the labor." International Harvester", was based more than seventy years later - in 1902 after merge of "McCormick Harvesting Machine Company" to other giant - "Deering Harvester Company", as gave the grounds for formation of "International Harvester Corporation". Ten years of "International Harvester" later became rather developed enterprise capable to release the trucks supplied with engines, both water, and air cooling. Today International is the largest producer of trucks, and also buses and engines to them. Now Navistar International is the largest producer of trucks and buses. The well-known prefix of Navistar belongs to the assignee of International Harvester based at the beginning of last century who was engaged in release of lorries, however over time it was ruined and was sold out in parts. The new name was received in 1986.

International 1 12 Ton International 1 12 Ton
International 1 Ton International 1 Ton
International 10 20 International 10 20
International 1066 International 1066
International 1110 International 1110
International 1210 International 1210
International 1310 International 1310
International 2375 International 2375
International 2674 International 2674
International 3000 Series International 3000 Series
International 3200 International 3200
International 330 International 330
International 3300 International 3300
International 353 International 353
International 3600 International 3600
International 3600 Series International 3600 Series
International 3700 International 3700
International 3800 International 3800
International 4000 International 4000
International 4000 Series International 4000 Series
International 4100 International 4100
International 4200 International 4200
International 4300 International 4300
International 4300 Series International 4300 Series
International 4400 International 4400
International 4400 Durastar International 4400 Durastar
International 4500 International 4500
International 4600 International 4600
International 4700 International 4700
International 4700 Dt International 4700 Dt
International 4700 Scd International 4700 Scd
International 4800 International 4800
International 484 International 484
International 4900 International 4900
International 504 International 504
International 5500i International 5500i
International 5600 International 5600
International 5600i International 5600i
International 7000 Series International 7000 Series
International 7300 International 7300
International 7400 International 7400
International 7400 Mv International 7400 Mv
International 7500 International 7500
International 7600 International 7600
International 7700 International 7700
International 8100 International 8100
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