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The Japanese firm Isuzu was formed in 1916 and further became the largest world company on release of trucks and buses. The firm received the name by the name of the rivers in Japan. The first trucks to Isuz appeared in 1918. In 1922 the first Ishikawajima A-9 car according to the license of the Wolseley company from England is issued. For Isuzu development and improvement of diesel engines for cars had special value. In 1934 at the initiative of the head of firm to Tomonosuka Kano the committee for researches of diesel motors is created. The first diesel of the DA6 company with air cooling is developed in 1936. It was essential achievement in development of diesels in Japan.

In 1950 there is a Japan's first eight-cylinder diesel DA80 engine having water cooling. The diesel DA80 received the improved technical characteristics and was supplied with the combustion chamber fuel in which moved direct injection. In 1953 the car created by analogy with English Hillman descends from the conveyor. In 1959 there is an Elf truck having the economic diesel DA640 engine and possessing excellent passability and durability. The American General Motors acquires 35% of shares of the company of Isuzu in 1971. Joint development of designers to Isuz and General Motors - the Gemini car appears in 1974.

In 1981 descend from the conveyor new model - a compartment of Piazza and the Trooper SUV. The family of Florian/Aska cars appears in 1983. In 1989 the public got acquainted with family of Amigo cars. In 1997 the all-wheel drive VehiCross station wagon and the Rodeo car descends from conveyors of Isuzu firm. In 2001 and 2002 on a rating of the Ward's Communications magazine the diesel of Isuzu Duramax 6600 firm was included in the top ten engines. Now cars to Isuz gather on General Motors plant in Thailand where it is planned to transfer production from Japan. In the Russian market production of Isuzu firm officially isn't on sale.

Isuzu 2.5 Carrier Isuzu 2.5 Carrier
Isuzu 460 Zzr Isuzu 460 Zzr
Isuzu 810 Isuzu 810
Isuzu 950 Isuzu 950
Isuzu Amigo Isuzu Amigo
Isuzu Ascender Isuzu Ascender
Isuzu Aska Isuzu Aska
Isuzu Aska Cx Type T Isuzu Aska Cx Type T
Isuzu Aska Lj Isuzu Aska Lj
Isuzu Axiom Isuzu Axiom
Isuzu Axiom Stretched Limousine Isuzu Axiom Stretched Limousine
Isuzu Ba 341 Isuzu Ba 341
Isuzu Bellel Isuzu Bellel
Isuzu Bellet Isuzu Bellet
Isuzu Bellet 1600 Isuzu Bellet 1600
Isuzu Bellet Gt Isuzu Bellet Gt
Isuzu Bellett Isuzu Bellett
Isuzu Bellett 1600 Gt Isuzu Bellett 1600 Gt
Isuzu Bellett Gemini Isuzu Bellett Gemini
Isuzu Bighorn Isuzu Bighorn
Isuzu Bighorn 30 Tdi Isuzu Bighorn 30 Tdi
Isuzu Bighorn 31 Td Irmscher Isuzu Bighorn 31 Td Irmscher
Isuzu Bighorn Ls Isuzu Bighorn Ls
Isuzu Bighorn Xs 31 Td Isuzu Bighorn Xs 31 Td
Isuzu Bighorn Xs Plaisir Isuzu Bighorn Xs Plaisir
Isuzu Bonnet Bus Bx Isuzu Bonnet Bus Bx
Isuzu Bu30p Isuzu Bu30p
Isuzu Buddy Isuzu Buddy
Isuzu Bx Isuzu Bx
Isuzu Bx 352 Isuzu Bx 352
Isuzu Bx 91 Isuzu Bx 91
Isuzu Bx 95 Isuzu Bx 95
Isuzu Bxd 30 Isuzu Bxd 30
Isuzu Cameo Isuzu Cameo
Isuzu Campo Isuzu Campo
Isuzu Cubic Isuzu Cubic
Isuzu Custom Isuzu Custom
Isuzu Cvr Isuzu Cvr
Isuzu Cxh Isuzu Cxh
Isuzu Cxz Isuzu Cxz
Isuzu D 20 Isuzu D 20
Isuzu D Max Isuzu D Max
Isuzu D Max 25d 4wd Isuzu D Max 25d 4wd
Isuzu D Max 30td 4wd Isuzu D Max 30td 4wd
Isuzu D Max Cab4 Isuzu D Max Cab4
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