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JMC - Jiangling Motors Co., the Chinese firm which is engaged in production cargo, cars, and also minibuses and SUVs. The JMC company was formed on the basis of car repair plant Nanchang Motors Repair Factory in the city of Nanchang in 1952. Since 1983 the company has rights to release accessories and cabins for series N ISUZU trucks, and also to make full assembly of trucks, working together with the enterprise of the Japanese companies ISUZU and Itochu.

1993-1995 were marked in the history of the JMC company as years when shares of the company start being quoted at the exchanges. Attempt to sell cars in Europe wasn't crowned with success as quality of cars was unsatisfactory, and krash-tests didn't yield due results. Powerful competitive advantage and a powerful push in further development of the company brought the conclusion of strategic alliance JMC with Ford Motor Company. So in 1997 in China the new enterprise for production of license Ford Transit was formed, thirty which percent of authorized capital belong to Ford firm. So productive partnership with the leading automobile enterprises gave the chance of the JMC company to adopt, and then to use the last technological development in own production. From now on in the JMC company high design and research potential is observed, the productive control system of various business processes and financial streams is carried out. Since 2003 the automobile company JMC surely holds the positions in the sheet TORAHS of 100 Chinese automobile companies. In 2005 the company the honorary title of "The most competitive automobile company of China" was given. In 2006 the company offered the world advanced cars.

Besides, today JMC makes full assembly of powerful trucks, cooperating with the enterprise of the Japanese company ISUZU, and also Itochu.

The ninetieth years brought the JMC company in automotive industry history when its actions began to be quoted at the world exchanges. Though attempt of sale of cars of this brand in Europe wasn't crowned with success, nevertheless weighty competitive advantage and drew the conclusion of known alliance JMC with larger company Ford Motor Company which was carried out in 1997. This partnership with the leading automobile enterprise became really productive and gave chance of JMC to adopt, and after and to use the most modern technological development in own production.

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