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Probably, even to the child the automobile KamAZ brand – the big trucks of various modifications used everywhere is now known. This brand actively is on sale both in the territory of Russia, and in neighboring countries, and became already national. Now the policy of sales is aimed at a gain of a foreign market in the distant countries of the abroad, and it is to the producer it is possible. We will note that one of the most important factors which are defined by success is ratios of quality with the price – completely corresponds to representations of the client.

Each of models of brand will become the irreplaceable assistant in any business. So, in the construction sphere dump trucks which are intended for transportation of loose and oversized materials are actively used. Thanks to qualitative technical equipment, KamAZ can overcome a way to thousands of kilometers, without replacement of details – really reliable car which becomes a successful investment for everyone who decided to get this car.

Onboard models are suitable for a various cargo transportation, on any distances. The successful price, inexpensive, in comparison with foreign models, service in the technical plan puts all cars of this brand on the leading positions. Modern details and assembly which doesn't concede on quality to the leading world trucks, do production qualitative and popular by right. An important segment are as well tractors which are intended for transportation of cars and other heavy units. Many enterprises stopped the choice on KamAZ as it is really very reliable equipment, besides – a domestic production. Passenger buses and lorries – each model has undoubted, constantly increasing, success.

Kamaz 360 Turbo Kamaz 360 Turbo
Kamaz 360 Turbo Intercooler Kamaz 360 Turbo Intercooler
Kamaz 380 Kamaz 380
Kamaz 4208 Kamaz 4208
Kamaz 4308 Kamaz 4308
Kamaz 4310 Kamaz 4310
Kamaz 43101 Kamaz 43101
Kamaz 43105 Kamaz 43105
Kamaz 43114 Kamaz 43114
Kamaz 43118 Kamaz 43118
Kamaz 43253 Kamaz 43253
Kamaz 4326 Kamaz 4326
Kamaz 43269 Vystrel Kamaz 43269 Vystrel
Kamaz 4355 Kamaz 4355
Kamaz 4410 Kamaz 4410
Kamaz 452803 Kamaz 452803
Kamaz 4911 Kamaz 4911
Kamaz 4925 Kamaz 4925
Kamaz 5308 New Kamaz 5308 New
Kamaz 5310 Kamaz 5310
Kamaz 5320 Kamaz 5320
Kamaz 53212 Kamaz 53212
Kamaz 53213 Kamaz 53213
Kamaz 53215 Kamaz 53215
Kamaz 53229 Kamaz 53229
Kamaz 5325 Kamaz 5325
Kamaz 5325 Turbo Kamaz 5325 Turbo
Kamaz 53605 Kamaz 53605
Kamaz 5410 Kamaz 5410
Kamaz 54112 Kamaz 54112
Kamaz 54115 Kamaz 54115
Kamaz 5460 Kamaz 5460
Kamaz 5460 New Kamaz 5460 New
Kamaz 5511 Kamaz 5511
Kamaz 55111 Kamaz 55111
Kamaz 551111 Kamaz 551111
Kamaz 5633 11 Kamaz 5633 11
Kamaz 6350 Kamaz 6350
Kamaz 6350 Mustang Kamaz 6350 Mustang
Kamaz 65111 Kamaz 65111
Kamaz 65115 Kamaz 65115
Kamaz 65115 New Kamaz 65115 New
Kamaz 6520 Kamaz 6520
Kamaz 65224 Kamaz 65224
Kamaz 65225 Kamaz 65225
Kamaz 6560 Kamaz 6560
Kamaz Bpm 97 Kamaz Bpm 97
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