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Prerequisites to origin of the Kenworth trademark can be tracked from the very beginning of the XX century. At that time cars were considered as big luxury therefore on roads of their America was very little. But, despite it, the need for the main cargo transportation grew.

In too time for the market there was a new auto repair shop under the name Gerlinger. Two offices – the first in Portland, and the second in Seattle were opened. However the company was not really successful. All the matter is that because of a small amount of cars on roads of orders for repair was a little. Employees of Gerlinger were interrupted by small tips, continually, earning additionally on the party. But, despite difficulties, the management of a workshop made the decision to develop own truck, and in 1915 the first car was released. The first Gersix was equipped with the six-cylinder engine and the improved frame with elements from steel.

The Gerlinger company within two years succeeded in the market of repair and assembly of lorries, and achieved a certain popularity in the region. However in 1917 the company declared itself bankrupt, and all property of the company, including two offices, were offered for sale. First of all Edgar Uortington as he also leased the space for office of Gerlinger in Seattle learned about it. The businessman quickly found the partner, Frederik of Kent, and together they redeemed the company.

Since 1917 Gerlinger was renamed into Gersix Motor Company. And two years later, Frederik Kent left the company and submitted all cases to the son, Harry to Kent. The new stage of development of the company began. Actively there was a development of new cars and improvement of the existing models. In three years, to 1922, Gersix Motor Company managed to sign some favorable contracts and released 53 trucks. It allowed the company to get profit in 60 thousand dollars.

Thanks to such success, in 1923 the decision on reorganization of the enterprise was made. Change of a name became the first step – the company received the name Kenworth, and the second – opening of additional offices in Seattle. For 1924 the firm sold about 80 lorries, and in a year sales level rose to two cars in a week.

Today Kenworth - the manufacturer of trucks of m of buses, the fourth in size, in the USA. Besides, this brand is the producer of dump trucks, largest in America, being a part of PACCAR major concern. This company was organized in 1923 in Kirklenda where settles down and today. Kenworth at once after the basis started production of trucks.

In the early forties the truck possessing the increased passability which whose wheel formula made 6x6 was for the first time created. It set the direction for development of other cars of this kind after war. The name Kenworth came from reduction of a surname of founders - Kent and Worthington.

After Frederik Kent left business and transferred the rights to the son, a number of favorable contracts so by 1922 the capital of the company made 60 thousand dollars is possible to conclude the companies. It involves restructuring so the company receives the new name Ken – Worth, and a year later some offices of new brand are opened already.

Kenworth 4x2 Tractor Kenworth 4x2 Tractor
Kenworth 523 Kenworth 523
Kenworth 524 Kenworth 524
Kenworth 573 Kenworth 573
Kenworth 848 Kenworth 848
Kenworth 850 Kenworth 850
Kenworth 923 Kenworth 923
Kenworth 925 Kenworth 925
Kenworth 953 Kenworth 953
Kenworth Aerodyne Kenworth Aerodyne
Kenworth Brute Kenworth Brute
Kenworth C 500 Kenworth C 500
Kenworth C 500 B Kenworth C 500 B
Kenworth C500a Kenworth C500a
Kenworth Hustler Kenworth Hustler
Kenworth K 100 Kenworth K 100
Kenworth K 100 Aerodyne Kenworth K 100 Aerodyne
Kenworth K 100 E Kenworth K 100 E
Kenworth K 108 Kenworth K 108
Kenworth K 123 Kenworth K 123
Kenworth K 124 Kenworth K 124
Kenworth K100a Kenworth K100a
Kenworth K104 Kenworth K104
Kenworth K300 Kenworth K300
Kenworth Kenmex T 800 Kenworth Kenmex T 800
Kenworth Kenmex W 900 Kenworth Kenmex W 900
Kenworth Kenmex W 900 A Kenworth Kenmex W 900 A
Kenworth Kw45 Kenworth Kw45
Kenworth Kw55 Kenworth Kw55
Kenworth L 700 Kenworth L 700
Kenworth Lcf 2 Kenworth Lcf 2
Kenworth Lw 924 Kenworth Lw 924
Kenworth Lw Series Kenworth Lw Series
Kenworth M1 Kenworth M1
Kenworth Model 610 Kenworth Model 610
Kenworth Pd Series Kenworth Pd Series
Kenworth Sar Kenworth Sar
Kenworth T 2000 Kenworth T 2000
Kenworth T 300 Kenworth T 300
Kenworth T 401 Kenworth T 401
Kenworth T 450 Kenworth T 450
Kenworth T 600 Kenworth T 600
Kenworth T 600 A Kenworth T 600 A
Kenworth T 601 Kenworth T 601
Kenworth T 650 Kenworth T 650
Kenworth T 660 Kenworth T 660
Kenworth T 800 Kenworth T 800
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