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Work on creation of high-speed cars of the Koenigsegg brand began in 1993 under the sensitive guide of Christian von Koenigsegga. This ambitious designer, by means of the designer David Kraford and group of qualified specialists, managed to create for a short time the most powerful race car which wasn't conceding, and in certain cases, and surpassing already taken place leaders in the field of world automotive industry.

The idea of creation of the supercar came to Christian von Koenigseggu still in the late eighties. Then the great designer already represented, what characteristics and features his child will possess. The main emphasis was put on application of the latest technologies and comfortableness of a car. Quality of the first prototype struck all with the clearness and meticulousness. The first creation of Christian von Koenigsegga let know to all competitors that in the market of high-speed cars there was a worthy rival. For a short time the Koenigsegg Automotive Ltd company managed to achieve great popularity and to rise on one position with such giants as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.

Demonstration of the supercar at the Cannes Film Festival became one of the most powerful steps on the way to popularity. Some wealthy people who were present on it is mute, eventually became owners of cars of the Koenigsegg Automotive Ltd company. Marketing specialists preferred to expose on court one of Christian von Koenigsegga's creations not to the simple audience, but so-called rich men as the car of such class is very expensive acquisition.

The main difference of the Koenigsegg brand is identity of each model. Such approach allowed designers and designers to realize the most various innovative ideas. If to look at two different models of Koenigsegg cars, it is hardly possible to find even the slightest similarity. The only integral component on which undoubtedly it is possible to learn Christian von Koenigsegga's creation, the logo is: red and yellow fields of rhombuses on a board. Jacob Leftman, the brilliant designer, the closest friend of the talented designer and the founder of the Koenigsegg Automotive company was the author of these attributes. The logo by a family crest of a great dynasty Cristiana was formed a basis. It differs from Jacob Leftman's creation in that all rhombuses on is mute the colors of gold located on one field with a frame in the form of an ornament.

Now the Koenigsegg Automotive Ltd company can by the right be considered as one of the best producers of supercars, and after release of the new child under the name Koenigsegg CCXR, perhaps, leading. Uniqueness of this car which else call "the confidential biological weapon", consists that in is mute biofuel is used. Use of the bioethanol which is containing high octane number and having rather low temperature of combustion led to improvement of operation of the engine therefore impressive indicators are reached.

Koenigsegg Agera Koenigsegg Agera
Koenigsegg Agera R Koenigsegg Agera R
Koenigsegg Cc Koenigsegg Cc
Koenigsegg Cc8s Koenigsegg Cc8s
Koenigsegg Ccr Koenigsegg Ccr
Koenigsegg Ccr Roadster Koenigsegg Ccr Roadster
Koenigsegg Ccv8s Koenigsegg Ccv8s
Koenigsegg Ccx Koenigsegg Ccx
Koenigsegg Ccx Edition Koenigsegg Ccx Edition
Koenigsegg Ccx Roadster Koenigsegg Ccx Roadster
Koenigsegg Ccxr Koenigsegg Ccxr
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