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The KRAZ brand is considered the recognized best truck which is universal, technological and available. So, at the beginning of production, the plant had big financial no opportunities, however ineradicable enthusiasm of the management and technologists in creation of the ideal big car, made the business. After 1960 the car had the turbine engine on the diesel, and also a suspension bracket – independently mounted, and even gidro-the amplifier of a steering wheel. However there were questions in approach to development of a cabin, than and designers were engaged, having presented the 260th model of KRAZ.

It was necessary to prove that the car will be ready to work steadily at the heaviest sites of the road, both on passability, and on a temporary factor. High-quality transmission, the device which differed in nabolshy durability was established. And till today, this brand is considered almost cross-country, depending on modification, it can be used in any atmospheric conditions, from Siberia to the desert. The stable course provides high-quality transportation of any freight. By the way, about load-lifting opportunities. A variety of possible installations – a platform, a cargo body, the tractor, and even – does to the chassis for installation of the special technical equipment brand universal and demanded daily in any situation. Dump trucks and other modified cars became irreplaceable help in any modern construction process. Material, be it loose or having not standard dimensions, it will be transported troubles of losses and damages thanks to the stable course of the car.

Service of KRAZ is made at many stations, details are available, so, repair won't occupy excessive amount of time.

Kraz 214 Kraz 214
Kraz 221 Kraz 221
Kraz 222 Kraz 222
Kraz 250 Kraz 250
Kraz 255 Kraz 255
Kraz 255 B1 Kraz 255 B1
Kraz 255 L Kraz 255 L
Kraz 255 V1 Kraz 255 V1
Kraz 256 Kraz 256
Kraz 256 B Kraz 256 B
Kraz 256 B1 Kraz 256 B1
Kraz 256 B1 030 Kraz 256 B1 030
Kraz 257 B Kraz 257 B
Kraz 257 B1 Kraz 257 B1
Kraz 257k Kraz 257k
Kraz 258 Kraz 258
Kraz 258 B Kraz 258 B
Kraz 258 B1 Kraz 258 B1
Kraz 258 C Kraz 258 C
Kraz 258 Tz 22 Kraz 258 Tz 22
Kraz 260 Kraz 260
Kraz 260 V Kraz 260 V
Kraz 5131 Ve Kraz 5131 Ve
Kraz 5444 Kraz 5444
Kraz 6010 Kraz 6010
Kraz 6322 Kraz 6322
Kraz 6444 Kraz 6444
Kraz 65032 068 Kraz 65032 068
Kraz 6510 Kraz 6510
Kraz 65101 Kraz 65101
Kraz 6e6316 Kraz 6e6316
Kraz 7133 C4 Kraz 7133 C4
Kraz Kraz 214 Kraz Kraz 214
Kraz Kraz 250 Kraz Kraz 250
Kraz Kraz 255b1 Kraz Kraz 255b1
Kraz Kraz 260 Kraz Kraz 260
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