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The Austrian company KTM – one of the largest and most famous producers of sports motorcycles in Europe. Official date of foundation of the enterprise it is considered 1934. Then young, but very ambitious a name engineer Hans Trunkenpolz living in the city of Mattingkhofen opened a workshop on metal processing which received the name Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (KTM), difficult for the Russian person.

First at the young businessman not all turned out, but literally in some years after start of commercial activity it had stable earnings. And nearly 20 more years later, in 1953, Trunkenpoltsu was succeeded to begin serial assembly of small motorcycles and mopeds on which 2-stroke motors acquired at other developers were installed.

Having paid attention to local success of the small company which staff included only some tens employees, joint efforts collecting on three motorcycles per day, the successful businessman Ernst Kronreyf acquired a controlling stake of firm and became its main shareholder. Certainly, after that the enterprise received the updated name in which the surname of the new co-owner was involved. However it didn't affect an abbreviation. It remained former – KTM (Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen).

The reorganized enterprise continued to be engaged in assembly of easy motorcycles in this connection, could catch a decent share of the Austrian market. The cost of production of the KTM company was more than accepted therefore motorcycles of this firm were perfectly bought up by representatives of middle class among whom always there was a mass of persons interested.

Up to the end of the 60th years systematic development of the enterprise lasted. But the course of history was turned by development of own engine by specialists of the company. Then the essence of existence of Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen ceased to be reduced to assembly of motorcycles from the details made by other developers. Moreover, at the same time some debut models of the company from which were especially distinguished off-road option, and also a powerful sports bike were practically at once presented.

At the beginning of the 70th the sports KTM model was so successful that the company had to be engaged in a sports component of motorcycle production closely. And it right there yielded fruits. In 1974 the Soviet racer Gennady Moiseyev representing the KTM team became the world champion in cross-country race in a class of 250 cubic centimeters. It was only the first success of the company which repeated many times subsequently. Only one Moiseyev still won a champion's title – in 1977 and 1978 twice.

In the eighties the last century work on configuration of motorcycles was actively continued. In the second half of decade representatives of the KTM company managed to introduce some absolutely new principles of work of motorcycles thanks to which popularity of the Austrian development continued the growth.

However 1989 put an end to prompt development of the enterprise. The end of "a gold era" can be connected with death of the founder and main ideologist of the company, Hans Trunkenpolz. Practically at once at KTM serious problems therefore in 1991 the company went bankrupt began. However literacy of the new management of firm helped the Austrian motorcycle producer to get out of a hole.

In 1992 the enterprise was divided into three companies: KTM Sportmotorcycles GmbH (production of sports motorcycles), KTM Fahrrad GmbH (production of bicycles) and KTM Kuhler GmbH (production of radiators). Practically at once the firm began the revival. And the marketing department of sports office developed new philosophy of activity of the company - "Ready to Race" ("Readiness for race") at all. According to this principle, each of the KTM models before leaving limits of plant, had to undergo full testing of readiness for sports meets. Thus, it is possible to call each copy of the motorcycle of production KTM the full-fledged sports bike tested by the professional racer.

The beginning of a new eyelid was given by not less successful for the company, than end of the old: in 2000 racers on the KTM motorcycles won champion titles in classes 125 and 500 of cubic centimeters, and also the mass of other competitions. At the same time the enterprise presented to the public a prototype of the motorcycle, the first in the history of the company equipped with the 1000-vat engine.

2005 was marked by the beginning of expansion of a sales market of KTM in North America. Besides, in 2005 the Austrian firm debuted in Russia. According to official data, by then level of production and sales of the enterprise decently grew. About 400 motorcycles per day (about 135 000 in a year) while volumes of realization made about 80 000 motorcycles in one calendar year (from which 35 000 was on sale in the territory of the USA) descended from factory conveyors of the company.

In 2007 the KTM company extended. Such producers of motorcycle equipment as Husaberg AB (Sweden) and WP Suspension (Netherlands) were its part. At the same time the department of development didn't forget about introduction of novelties. Within the last several years debuted road baizes of the Duke 690, Super Duke 990 models, and also Superbike 1190 RCS. All of them seemed to experts so successful that else to the debut were "doomed" to success. In the same way, as ATVs and minicycles (motorcycles with an engine displacement of 50-85 cubic centimeters) which production the company also undertook only a few years ago.

Ktm 125 Ktm 125
Ktm 125 Exc Ktm 125 Exc
Ktm 125 Lc2 Ktm 125 Lc2
Ktm 240 Mx Ktm 240 Mx
Ktm 250 Ktm 250
Ktm 250 Exc Ktm 250 Exc
Ktm 250 Exc F Ktm 250 Exc F
Ktm 250 Exc Racing Ktm 250 Exc Racing
Ktm 250 Gs Ktm 250 Gs
Ktm 250 Mc Ktm 250 Mc
Ktm 250 Mc5 Ktm 250 Mc5
Ktm 250 Sx Ktm 250 Sx
Ktm 250 Sx F Ktm 250 Sx F
Ktm 300 Exc Ktm 300 Exc
Ktm 400 Exc Ktm 400 Exc
Ktm 400 Lc4 Ktm 400 Lc4
Ktm 450 Ktm 450
Ktm 450 Exc Ktm 450 Exc
Ktm 450 Sx Ktm 450 Sx
Ktm 500 Xc Ktm 500 Xc
Ktm 525 Sx Ktm 525 Sx
Ktm 620 Lc4 Ktm 620 Lc4
Ktm 640 Ktm 640
Ktm 640 Lc4 Ktm 640 Lc4
Ktm 690 Duke Ktm 690 Duke
Ktm 950 Adventure Ktm 950 Adventure
Ktm 990 Adventure Ktm 990 Adventure
Ktm 990 Smt Ktm 990 Smt
Ktm 990 Superduke Ktm 990 Superduke
Ktm Duke Ktm Duke
Ktm Duke 620 Ktm Duke 620
Ktm Duke Ii Ktm Duke Ii
Ktm Gs Ktm Gs
Ktm Gs 125 Ktm Gs 125
Ktm Gs Unknown Ktm Gs Unknown
Ktm Lc4 640 Adventure Ktm Lc4 640 Adventure
Ktm Lc4 640 Supermoto Ktm Lc4 640 Supermoto
Ktm Ponny Ii Ktm Ponny Ii
Ktm Rsl 50 Ktm Rsl 50
Ktm Supermoto Ktm Supermoto
Ktm X Bow Ktm X Bow
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